November 12, 2010


So it's now 10:11 p.m. and I am doing OK. I was pretty depressed earlier, but I had a better afternoon and now things seems more positive. I had a good afternoon, ending with a good chamber session (hooray!) and pizza dinner with my parents. It was a nice evening, and then home here for coffee and Star Trek (the new movie on EPIXHD). I am now back at the computer, checking email, and thinking about tomorrow. I have to take Ike to the Nip and Snip Clinic at Petco tomorrow. It is that time, and while I don't like my kitties to suffer any pain, this is one of those things that just has to be done.

I've been sitting in the living room, watching Star Trek, and trying not too hard to think about my situation. I realize that I am in a tough spot right now, and that I don't have a lot of options open to me. My Mom told me tonight that she read or heard reported that the worst city for jobs is Phoenix, and that we have the most foreclosures in the nation. Argh! Just the info I didn't need to hear -- not now! If anything, it served to confirm the truth to me -- right now Phoenix is not the best place to live without a job.

As I think about my options, this is what I know today:
  • I have applied to over 50 jobs, most located in Phoenix but about 10 located in other states.
  • I have had three interviews total; 2 went no where, 1 got me hired at Macy's, and 1 went to second interview level.
  • I have one PT job only, and that is with Macy's. I cannot live on FT Macy's so I can only take what I can as far as hours and make the most of this job. It is temporary at best.
  • Phoenix College has not offered any job to me, even though the President said the decision would be made the following week (Nov 1). Yes, it is only Nov. 12, so it has not been that long a delay, but long enough to make me start to wonder what is going on with this job.
  • I have applied to a number of companies locally, from retail to IT, and everything in between. Right now, I have retail work and have come close to an admin position in higher education. I have not gotten anywhere with IT, which seems a closed door to me.

I am concentrating my job search on the following cities only: Phoenix (of course), Austin (TX), Chicago (IL), and Knoxville (TN). My choices reflect potential graduate schools that offer programs in my field, English Literature. This would include ASU (here in Tempe), the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and Regent University (online hybrid). I have also looked at jobs in North Carolina where my brother recently moved.

The companies I have concentrated on are Apple Computer, Follett Corporation, and local community colleges (and Universities). I have applied at other companies, high tech and others, but they generated no response at all. Of these top companies, these are the positions I have applied for so far:

  • Technical Writer
  • Technical Support (various)
  • Retail (various)
  • Admin (various)

My skills are in IT, Admin, and now retail -- I feel like I am well-represented, but yet, I have made no headway. This makes me wonder if I am looking in the wrong place, looking for the wrong kind of job, or simply looking for a job that is not what the Lord has in mind for me.

My preference is to work in any job that will provide enough income for me. This can be in any field, so long as I am able to support myself. I will make it through graduate school because the Lord has determined this path for me. It is up to Him to provide the school and the education (and fees) so I am not even concerned about how I will get my PhD. More to the point, my greatest concern is over the job itself. How do I go from being employed PT to FT, and where do I go to find any job that will provide enough money for me and my son to live on?

God knows my needs, and He has everything under control. I am confident that there is a job for me -- I just wonder if I am looking in the right place? Perhaps I am looking for the obvious and not the unusual, which seems to be God's preference. Often he overlooks the obvious choice, the easy choice, in favor of doing something only He can do. Perhaps this is what He is doing in my life, bringing a job that only He can bring to me? I hope so. I hope this is the case. Please Lord let this be the case!

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