November 19, 2010

Ready Response

There are five fire trucks sitting at my street (3 at the corner, 2 up by my house). The house on the corner must have had some kind of fire, though I didn't see any flame or even smoke. The firemen went in with tanks and masks, so something fishy was up. They also got their hoses and ladders out, which may have meant there was an attic fire. Anyway, I was surprized to see so many trucks come to this emergency. It helps that we have the station down the street, but I don't think there are five trucks with our local station. One of the other departments must have been dispatched as well, just incase they were needed.

I like to see the firemen come because they remind me of God's ready response to our needs. When we are in an emergency, we pray and God sends His response team into our lives to support us, rescue us, comfort us, and keep us safe. God's ready response team consists of His Holy Spirit (who is always with us), and His Mighty Angels who do His work on earth. It also consists of people like me and you, the body of Christ, who respond with comfort, meals, shelter or just personal touch (holding someone's hand or giving them a hug). God uses all His resources to help us in our moment of crisis. And, like our local fire department, He sends in extras -- just incase the situation warrants it. He never shortchanges us or leaves us with too little support. If anything, we choose to not take all His support, we choose to handle things on our own. God provides for us in these moments, but we often choose to walk our own way, handle it as we think best. In the end, most of us, turn back to Him and tell Him just how much weneed Him and just how much we cannot handle the situation without Him.

I know I have done this same thing. I have said, "No thanks, Lord -- I got it covered," when in reality, I didn't have anything covered at all. He offered me greatness, His Great Hand, and I rejected it, choosing instead to suffer on in silence, to drudge through the muck on my own. When I got so weighed down, I cried out, and He was still there, tools and resources in Hand, at the ready to rescue me from the fine mess I was in. He didn't judge me, He didn't accuse me of not taking His offer the first time. No, not at all; instead, He just hugged me and said "OK, let's get started." God is good this way. He knows we need Him and He patiently waits for us to come around to His way of thinking. He stands at the ready until we finally turn and say "I cannot do it on my own anymore." He knows us so well, and He knows that only He can solve our problems, only He can make a difference in our lives, and only He can turn sorrow and tears into laughter and joy. Yes, Heknows what He can do for us, but only if we allow Him to do it in our lives. Why are we so stubborn? Why are we so bullheaded? Why do we turn away from Him when He offers us the way out of the trials and sorrows we experience? Why -- simply because our nature wants its own way, contrary to the will of God. Our nature chooses to send us away from God. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that draws us back -- but we must allow Him to do so, we must listen to His soft voice, and then we must respond to His call. In doing so, we will receive the peace we seek, the comfort we need, and the resources we require. God is a God of Everything -- nothing is left out, nothing is incomplete. He does everything perfectly the first time around, and with His own Perfect Hand.

Dear Lord,

May we trust you this day, and may we receive your Perfect Hand upon our lives. You want to help us, you want to save us, you want to rescue us from the mess we have made. May we respond to your Spirit's call today, and receive His blessedness into our lives so that we can find peace, rest securely in your provision, and experience joy in our everyday lives. To God be the Glory forever and ever, Amen.

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