December 10, 2010

The Big Shebang 2010!

Tonight is the Big Shebang, our churches youth overnight at Laser Tag/Ice Den.  This is my son's favorite youth activity, and he looks forward to it every single year.  It usually is a pretty well-attended event, and both Jr. and Sr. high students are invited (plus friends) to attend.  He just left (@ 9) and will not be home until tomorrow around 6am.  From 10-5 a.m. they are all over the valley playing games, going to JumpStreet (which has one of the largest trampolines in the valley -- perhaps anywhere), and then to the Ice Den for 2am Broomball.  He will come home beat, sleep until mid-day, and pretty much be wasted.  Sunday is his senior recital, and he has to play at church as well as perform in the afternoon.  He says he is up for the challenge, and I don't doubt it.  He is enjoying his last year in school.

Next week, we go and meet with the advisor at Paradise Valley Community College.  We are going to register for classes for Spring 2011.  We had planned this a while ago, and then mid-stream, he changed his mind, and decided he didn't want to start college yet.  After thinking it through some more, he decided that it would be OK to start in January.  I am thinking we will take easy classes to begin:  German 1, Digital Photography, Studio Recording or Music Theory 1, and Kung Fu (his choice).  Next fall, he can begin General Ed courses and work towards his AA in General Stduies (our CC doesn't have a music degree that transfers so he will just take basic music courses that will transfer anywhere).

I am really pleased because I think this is a good option for him right now.  He is ready for college, but still has some lingering issues and self-discipline challenges.  I think easing into college is best, and he seems to agree with me.  Furthermore, with me working either PT or FT, I need to know that he can handle his courses without me being there all the time.  He has done great with my work schedule thus far, and I have no concern really about him doing full time on his own.  I know he can do it, and now it seems, that he knows it as well.  PTL!

I have applied to a couple more positions via  I am hopeful on one in particular as I think it might just be the job for me.  I won't post it here, but I am praying over it, and trusting the Lord for His guidance as to whether or not it might be His will too.  I pray that it is, and that this would be the job for me.  I can only submit my application, trust the Lord, and then wait to see what happens.  God is so Good and He has been so Gracious to me.  I continue to give Him all the Praise because of His Goodness and His Faithfulness to me.  I am excited to see what He has in mind for me, and I know that whatever comes to pass -- it will be GOOD!

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