December 10, 2010

Blogging is Good for Me

I had an OK night, tossed mostly due to leg stiffness (worked two shifts at Macy's and that is usually what does it). I slept in, though, thanks to the boys being better than usual. I am blogging, but still in my PJs. I will get in the shower next, and then have to do some Walmart shopping, cello practice, and school work. Later I am off to lesson and chamber group. Our recital is Sunday at 2 p.m., and I am in good shape. I feel confident that I can play these songs, and that I will not mess up the group. Hooray, and Praise the Lord for that boost of confidence.

Other than this short post, here are some photos of my boys (snapped today).

Ike sleeping in my arms (after attacking my bulletin board,
and generally being bad while I was typing on the keyboard)

Ike waking up when I snapped his picture (and thinking, "How rude!")

Two minutes later, upon hearing the bells jingle on the tree -- what do I find?
But Ike, with paw stuck and being caught in the act of removing ornaments from the tree.

Ah, my life with cats!

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