December 16, 2010

DJ's School is Set!

After months of waffling and weaving, DJ is set for school.  We just got back from PVCC (our local community college) where he finished enrolling in classes for next Spring.  Moreover, he got his scholarship award.  Special thanks to our friend from church who used to work in the Honors Program -- she got us the form, helped us get it turned in, etc. Without her help, we would have lost access to it due to thinking it didn't kick in until next Fall.  God is so Good to us!

DJ is enrolled in five classes, though will take only 13 units.  He was pretty non-plussed, but I think the head cold had more to do with it than anything else.  Now, he can call himself a college student!

This Spring he will take:
  • Career Skills -- required by all students
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • English 101
  • American Jazz and Popular Culture
  • Kung Fu (the only class he really wanted to take!)
I think he will do just fine, and hopefully, next semester he can enroll in more music courses.  However, God has this all figured out, so we will just let things be.  God is so Good to us!

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