December 14, 2010

Full Steam Ahead

Today was such a good day.  I woke up after passing a fairly uneventful night.  I felt rested, and was able to enjoy my morning, follow my routine, and generally, laze about until about 10 a.m.  I spent the afternoon working on my paper (paper 1), and getting all my source quotes written down.  Tomorrow, I will start the writing process, and should be able to knock out a 5-6 page paper in 1-2 days (I need 10-12 double spaced, or about 2000-2500 words).

I am eating roasted chicken, blogging a bit, and enjoying my evening.  I work tonight from 6:45-12:15 a.m.  I am in accessories/Fashion Jewelry.  I have never worked in this department so I hope that I will do OK.  I swapped with someone who wanted to work my Monday shift. It is actually OK because I really needed last night off. My son was sick (still is), and I had to finish this week's homework.  I was able to get all my assignments turned in, and then prepare for this week.  God is so Good to me.

I am still resolved to not look for more work for a time.  I simply am overwhelmed, and now it seems that the jobs I am applying for are already filled.  I think I need to settle back down, and just wait for God to move me someplace.  He knows my needs, and I certainly have been active in my faith.  I am not just sitting on my hind-end, but I have been working PT, and posting resumes as the Spirit leads me.  I have been casting my net, so to speak; but so far, I have only returned little fish.  That BIG FISH is out there, just waiting to be caught in my net, so I will keep watch, and wait for the right moment to toss the net again.  God is Good that way.

Lastly, and this is a shorter than usual post, I am thinking a lot about my future, and my life, and my family.  I guess Christmas does that to you.  My brother has moved across the country, and is living in North Carolina now.  He will spend Christmas alone, away from his family.  I think this is so sad, yet I support him in his decision to take a job so far from home.  My other family lives in Southern California, and they will be together with their significant others (my oldest brother has four grown children, and three of the four will be home).  My other brother is alone as well, but will probably drive down to spend the holidays with his brother.  My parents are here in Phoenix, and we will spend the day together.  My DH will be in limbo, I think.  I don't think his parents will invite him to their home, and while he is welcome at my parents, I don't think he will want to come.  We will go to my cousin's house for dinner, and that should be fun.  It is hard when families are fractured, and are so separated by time, by distance, or by choice.

The New Year looks bright for me.  I hope to take two more classes from Mercy College.  The more time I spend online at their campus website, the more I come to appreciate the Lord's choosing of Mercy for my graduate program.  This is such a very fine liberal arts school.  It is small, and very intimate, and the atmosphere is so nice.  I just really like it, I like my classes, and my teachers have been great.  I am blessed to be able to go here, and know that this school will serve me well as I continue to pursue my upper level graduate work.

God really does know best.  I tend to second-guess Him.  I tend to ask Him alot of questions and interject my own way into things.  He always is patient with me, but truthfully, when I stop and consider His way -- it is always far superior to my own.  He knows me best, and He loves me most.  I am blessed to have a God who is personal, who is caring, and who ultimately wants only His best for me.

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