December 27, 2010

Making Plans for 2011

Well, I feel better -- finally!  I still have this nagging cough, and get winded pretty quickly, but I think I am over the worst and on the mend.  I have four days off, and then work Thursday evening (6-9), and all day Friday.  I have New Years Day off, and then seem to settle into a evenings and weekends only shift.  I think it will be OK until I can find a full-time position.

Today, after showering (which always helps), I cleaned my house a bit, did some laundry, and generally tried to straighten things up.  It looks better, but not great.  I need to do some thorough cleaning, and some major decluttering before I can actually attempt the repairs that need fixing.  I have a huge list, but most are easy repairs that I can do myself.  A few will need some outside help, and those will also require budgeting.  The little things though can be easily purchased at Home Depot or Walmart, and then I can do them as I am able.

This is my partial list-in-progress for 2011:
  • Painting inside (all walls and trim) using Ralph Lauren's Natural Canvas and an all-purpose white. (I ended up using Walmart Soft Beige and White -- cheaper and it looks the same!)
  • Carpeting in the living room, hall, bedrooms, and office (soon to be family room) with Martha Stewarts berber from Home Depot (a nice carmel color)
  • Laminate flooring for the kitchen, dining and laundry area using Pergo's Hickory color.
  • Kitchen redo with white cupboards (painted), Expresso brown laminate counters (from Home Depot), and a very general repurposing of the cupboards and panty stuff (clean, clean, clean)
  • A new curtain for my laundry area
  • Curtains for my living and dining room using a natural color and nice black rods (saying good bye to the mini blinds that my cats like to destroy)
  • A new front door to replace the very old one that has 9-windows in it (unsafe and really falling apart) in favor of a solid wood or steel door with just lite panels at the top (painted to match my outdoor colors)
  • Bathroom updates including new vinyl stick tiles, vanity and toilet (all Home Depot).  New light fixture, shower curtain, some fresh caulk and a nice mirror to replace the gigantic one that spans the entire wall.  Fixing the wall damage too. Easy redos that shouldn't break the bank and make the bathroom look newer (style wise).
  • Master Bath redo needs similar, but not as much work.  New toilet, pedastal sink (to remove the hanging old style that you would find in 1940s style homes).  New grout for the shower, a new curtain, mirror and light, plus paint and it should be done.
  • Repainting my kitchen table and chairs (currently dark green) to white.
  • Some new towels and rugs plus accessories to freshen the place up.
  • The rest is reorganizing, tossing away, giving away, and repurposing so that I am reducing the amount of furniture and clutter in my tiny 1000 sqft home.  My goal is to have less work (dusting and cleaning), and a more presentable home when guests pop by (and not cringing that the toilet looks like an outhouse -- it is old, rust stained, and ugly -- though I clean it daily).
Other projects include some landscaping pavers to make a little walk from the driveway to my front door, a new side fence, and painting my house (replacing the damaged siding).  My roof needs repaired and that will require a professional.  I have that job slated for late spring/early summer -- before our Monsoon winds hit.

In addition to my home repairs/renovation, I also need to update our computers, and get a new phone.  I am moving my office from our large bonus room to the 3rd bedroom (currently used for my son's pianos).  This will give me a proper work at home office, and also allow us to repurpose the bonus room as a true family room (with sofa and TV).  My tiny living room then can house an acoustic piano and be more of a formal entry instead of walking right into the TV.  I think the space use will be more functional, and it will also make it much easier for me to keep my home tidy.  My son's room needs updating to accomodate his computer and pianos, but he has needed a new bed for years (and he complains about his back, so the time is right for a new mattress set).  We can easily move his pianos and computer into his room with a twin bed instead of a queen.  He doesn't mind, and it will give him his own space, more for hanging out with friends and not just sleeping/dumping clothes all the time.

Overall, these are things I have wanted to do for years, but was never allowed to do them.  The last time I painted was in 1997 when we moved into this house.  I have not had the resources to buy paint, let alone fix repairs.  My parents have helped a number of times, but now that I have some money set aside, I am going to put it into my home.  The Lord has graciously provided this house to me, and I have not taken the best care of it.  It needs some work, and now is the time for me to do it.  This will not only make for a more pleasant home to live in, but also prepare me to sell it when the Lord is ready to do so.

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