December 9, 2010

New Tactic on the Job Front

Well, I am changing tactics on job hunting.  I have been looking for full-time work for over a year now.  I have applied to hundreds of positions, but nothing has come to pass.  I am working PT, PTL!  However, to successfully live, I need FT work.  I just recently went through another go-round with applications via  I have applied to several positions, and so far I have gotten several emails (a good thing).  Though I was not considered, at the least, I got notified right away.  I have been sitting and waiting on the Community College and other private companies for months -- with no word as to whether they even got my resume.  It is an awful thing to just be left hanging.  I would much rather get the email right back so that I can just keep on moving, then to sit there and stew over a potential job that has no real potential for coming to pass.

Well, anyway, this is what I have determined as far as job hunting goes here in Phoenix.  First off, I am definitely over-qualified for many jobs; but my experience is very broad, which right now seems to be what is killing me.  I don't have specific experience, and that is putting me outside the range of getting interviewed.  I have attempted to apply for positions below my skill, but then I scare people off -- they think, "she won't stick around because she has so much experience."  It is hard to get through to employers that when you are unemployed -- any job -- is worth sticking around.

Secondly, I have decided that I cannot get the job I want (or think I want) without my MA degree.  Every job I look at longingly specifically wants a Masters degree.  So I know what I must do -- I must finish my program, graduate in 2012, and then have the credential to change careers.  Until then, I need good purposeful work that pays well.

Thirdly, since I would like to teach, I need experience.  I need some method of experience in the classroom or online environment.  I am not sure how this will happen, so this is the big IF out there.  I need to get experience some how, and then with my MA, should be able to get hired at a college as an adjunct teacher.

Lastly, I have determined that my best approach to PhD studies is through Communication and the Arts.  I have wanted to pursue English, but I think the path is so fraught with difficulty.  I am older, and I am not able to live on campus and survive on a fellowship grant.  I need to work, and that means that I need to take a degree that is more applicable to both teaching and business.  This degree (via Regent University) will do that, and I think it aligns nicely with my undergraduate degree and Masters.  In short, I should be well prepared to teach college English or New Media (Communication) or work in a corporate environment (perhaps still within some educational branch).  I think it is the right direction, and that this path will afford me the most opportunity for a job, a good job.

Until then, I will work at Macy's.  I will complete my studies, and I will continue to look for purposeful work that will help support me.  It might be in IT or perhaps education or some combination of both.  I will trust the Lord to open a door for some teaching experience, but until He does that, I will do the work assigned to me.  I can do nothing more because all of this rests in His hands.  Besides -- I am so tired of looking, and I do not want to get depressed any further.  God knows my needs, and I think it is time to let the reigns go, and let God lead me where He wants me to go.

I have also decided that for now, my place is here at home, and in Phoenix.  God is doing something within my home, and He is shifting attitudes, and making a way.  I don't know the outcome, but that is not within my perview.  I simply am willing to allow Him to do what He wants, and accept His determination on the outcome of my life, my husband's life, and that of our son.  It is Good, always Good when the Lord God reigns and leads.  I am settled, it is done, and I know His will is Good.

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