December 24, 2010

Oh My Goodness, It's Christmas Eve!

I woke up this morning feeling as if a I had been hit by a Mack truck.  I coughed a bit last night, but other than that, I simply feel exhausted.  My body has ceased to follow instructions, and I am struggling now to even type out letters on the keyboard.  I am hoping that a hot shower will do justice, and help me feel better -- but I just don't know.

The past several months have taken their toll on me physically.  With graduate study, and working PT at Macy's, I simply am suffering from stress overload.  Plus the physical nature of working retail has hit me hard.  I have blogged about this before, but for those who have never had to work retail for a prolonged period of time, well the physical stress is hard to describe. The longer you work in a place like this, the harder it becomes to do the work.  Though you learn how to best maneuver through the job tasks, and you learn how to portion everything out, the burn out rate is high, and you get to a point where you cannot do it anymore.  This is where I am now, and even though I have met some very nice friends, I am tired all the time.  I am ready for some new work, a different kind of challenge, and a job that will require less of me physically.

I am ready, Lord -- I am ready for a new job.  I am sorry to complain so much, and to not be as thankful for this work as I should, but you know my heart.  You know that I have worked so hard at Macy's, doing more than my share, and always keeping a happy face on.  I have made good friends, received a lot of praise from supervisors, and generally gotten nice comments from customers.  I am thankful for this job, and for the opportunity to earn some needed money.  Now, Lord, I ask for a job that suits you, and will provide for us in a different way.  I know you have the perfect job at hand, and you know what I need most.  I ask in your Name that you bring me the job of your choosing, and I welcome it and readily receive it today.  In Jesus' Mighty and Merciful Name I pray this now, Amen.  So be it, thy will be done.  Selah.

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