December 28, 2010

Under the Weather

I am still recovering from whatever this is that I got hit with right before Christmas.  I was feeling so much better yesterday, and even went out and did some after Christmas shopping.  Today, I feel totally wasted, just drained, and unable to do much of anything.  Macy's called and wanted me to work today, but I said "nope."  I need these four days off to recover or else I will head into Semester 2 still being sick.  I cannot afford to be sick longer than just these couple weeks.

I have books to purchase today.  My son's books will cost about $200 and I don't know my list yet.  His includes a rental title -- I guess you can rent textbooks now.  I think we will do this because it seems so silly to purchase a science book that we will use for just one course.  I have to check online to make sure the books are available, but hopefully we can get them and save some cash by renting some of the titles.

Other than book purchases, I am going to undo our tree today.  The cats have ruined the tree (last year, it was jumped into and knocked over), and most of the branches are bent down.  I have wanted a new tree for the past couple years, so next season -- a new tree will be in order.  This one will go back in the box for the time being.  I am also tired of picking up ornaments, and hearing the bells jingle all the time.  I am ready for the decorations to be put away, and for my home to get back into good order.

My brother sent a photo to Facebook showing his white Christmas.  He recently moved to North Carolina, and they got snow on Christmas day.  It was beautiful.  We may get snow on Friday.  There is a very cold weather system coming in off the Pacific and it is supposed to bring freezing weather to Phoenix.  We will have snow in the mountains, that is for certain, but we will see if the snow gets down to us on the Valley floor.

Tomorrow, my folks and son and I are going to see "True Grit."  I don't really want to see it, but my Mom and son do -- so we will go and use our movie passes.  We are also going to see "Narnia," but I am not hip on using the 3-D glasses.  Oh well -- gimmicks!  I guess both movies are supposed to be very good.

Right now, I am sitting here still in my PJs (at 10:11 a.m.) and drinking my second cup of coffee.  I am tired, but not the sleepy tired.  I am bone-weary tired, and I think I need to take it easy today.  That is all I have planned, and I will only do the tree if I actually feel motivated to do it.

God has rescued me so many times this past year, and as I consider His gift of Grace to me, I know that He will continue to offer His blessed hand to me.  I am waiting to hear on a job -- thinking that after January, I might hear some positive news.  I am content to continue to work at Macy's for as long as the Lord determines, but He knows that I will need FT work to sustain our life.  We live simply, but even at a modest level, we need a certain amount each month.  I am not making that amount yet, and as soon as I am able to do so, then I will be ready to be on my own.  The Lord knows this, and He has provided a way for this to be.  I must be patient and wait for Him to move in my life.  He has done so much for me, and He has provided abundant Grace to me.  He will provide for me.  He knows me, and He knows what I need.  I rest in the security of His Hand, and I trust that He will provide exactly what I need, when I need it.  Selah (Pause and calmly think of that!)  Amen, Lord Jesus!

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