January 18, 2011

Changes for 2011

Well, I made the decision to cut my hair.  Yep, cannot believe I am actually going to do it, but I called and booked an appointment for tomorrow.  I have been disatisfied with my hair for awhile now, and last fall, I decided to get it cut shorter (sort of a bob).  It looked good for about three weeks, and then started to look draggy again.  It has since grown to my shoulders, and truth be told, I look really old and haggard.  I don't want to look old, and whenever I look into the mirror, all I see is deep crevaces in my face and lots of dreariness.

I debated whether to get my hair cut into a shorter bob, but here is the deal:  my hair is very fine.  It tends to grow forward, and it falls into my eyes constantly.  I tuck it behind my ears, which just shows off my gray hair.  Moreover, it is so flat and lifeless.

I used to wear my hair in a short pixie style.  After about fifteen years, I decided that I looked like most of the older women I see in Scottsdale.  I grew it out, but never found a style I really liked.  I am now returning to a pixie cut, and think the short snappy style (with highlights) will make me look younger.  I am not out to look like a model, just as nice as I can for a woman my age (48).

Here are some cuts I have tried and my review of them:

Pixie Cut - This is the style I am going for now.
Keira Knightly, btw - beautiful
New for 2011

Short Bob Style - Jessica Alba
This is the cut I chose last fall. 
It looked cute for a couple weeks and then grew out horribly. 
Plus it fell into my eyes constantly.  Still a cute cut.
2010's Style

Medium Bob Style - Gywneth Paltrow
This is pretty much how my hair looks now,
but it has to be pulled back, up,
or barretted to keep it out of my eyes.
Current Style - 2010 into 2011

Super Short Pixie Cut - Jamie Lee Curtis
This is how I have worn my hair for the past 15 years. 
Pretty similar style, sometimes a little longer than this. 
I got really tired of it, and wanted something different
so I grew my hair out and went with the medium bob style above.
Style for 1993-2008

My goal is to have a hair style that suits my faee shape (oval - long).  My hair is super fine, but I have a lot of it.  I normally have to put lots of gel or wax in my hair when I wear it short.  The bonus is that it stays all day long, and always looks great.  The long style I have now just drags my face down, and really accentuates my wrinkles and dark circles.  I look really tired and old.  I am ready for a new style, and that means letting go of my desire to be 16 again (and wear my hair long).  Oh well, change is a good thing, and I am ready for it.

I have my hair color to do tonight, and then cut tomorrow.  Afterwards, I can frost my hair myself because it will be shorter again.  Oh, will my parents flip out!  They have been wanting me to go short again, and I have been very disagreeable about it.  I guess I was tired of having people tell me what to do, and after the long hard year (2010), I needed some time to explore my own feelings about my appearance, and come to terms with several key facts:
  • I am 48 years old
  • I am thin (thank you, Jesus for helping me lose some weight) but not skinny
  • I am shapely, with ample areas on top and bottom
  • I am not a model
  • and I am OK with the fact that I have lumps, bumps, and a fair number of jiggles now
I think it is part of the aging process.  I don't want to alter myself drastically, just look nice.  I wear nice clothes that fit me well, I wear a modest amount of makeup, and I like to color my hair.  Modest improvements to help make the OLD GIRL look her best.

I am excited to see if my hair turns out this way.  I am confident that I can take care of it better than what I have now, which seems to constantly be a headband or clip.  I can do this, I can do this -- I know I can!

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