January 1, 2011

Day One, 2011

It's the first day of the new year, and already I think that it is going to be GREAT!  God has done some marvelous things in my life this past year, and I am primed and ready to see all He has planned for 2011.

I have some projects to attend to right off, and once those are completed, I think I will be ready to move to a new home.  I am content to remain in this home, but truthfully, I need to consider a larger place.  I have need of a bigger home, and my son needs more music space (for a piano as well as studio).  Moreover, there is the possibility that my parents may have to move in with us at some point (within a couple years).  It would be nice to find a home now that would accomodate the four of us.

I am ready for all these changes, and I find the entire thought process exciting to consider.  Nothing will come to pass without the Lord's approval and timing, so for now, I am focusing on what is at hand, and leaving the rest of the decision making process up to Him.  He has proven to be a great advisor in the past, and I trust Him completely for all the details of what will be in my future.

Today, I think I might (if I get motivated) undo my tree and put my decorations away.  If not, then I will just laze about and enjoy this first day of the new year.

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