January 18, 2011

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for my son, DJ.  He is taking 13 units at the Community College after graduating last June.  I had hoped to enroll him last fall, but didn't have all our paperwork in order (to get a state ID, etc.) and so we had to wait until this Spring to begin classes.  He is going to work towards his A.A. degree in Music Technology (at least for now), and will take more theory/harmony courses in the fall.  He is very excited to be in class, and truthfully, was ready for a school experience in 10th grade.  It has been a very long two years, and I think he will do a fantastic job in these courses.

I had a hard time dropping him off, and felt a little bit weepy over it.  But, I remained in control, and made it home without shedding a tear.  God is so Good to me.

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