January 21, 2011

A New Wrinkle

Last night, I watched "The Patriot" on DVD.  I had not watched the entire movie, having only seen bits and pieces on cable TV.  I found the DVD for $5 at Target and bought it to add to our collection.  I thought it was a good movie, though probably not historically accurate.  I will be studying American Literature this semester, and the focus of the course is on social-cultural cohesion in the America's.  It will be interesting to read some other viewpoints on the history of America.  Still, Mel Gibson was his usual self, and the movie itself was engaging as far as it's emotional story.  As I finished watching the movie, I popped out to the office to check my email, and found that I had a voice mail from a recruiter.  I had applied to a firm that hires contracted IT professionals, and I guess they liked my resume (finally!)  They do not always have full-time/permanent work, but they do place professionals in short-term assignments.  I guess it is like a temporary employment agency where you work for them, and not the corporate entity.

I am excited at the possibility of working in my field.  I have no knowledge what position they think I would be suitable to performing, but at the least, I am glad for the opportunity to interview again.  Moreover, I believe that their lowest paying position pays somewhere around $12-15 per hour.  That is $4-7 more than what I make at Macy's, and it would provide a better chance for gainful employment long term.  I am blessed.

I will give them a call this morning, and hopefully they will want to schedule an introductory interview with me.  I am open to working in any job they might have, and I actually think I like the idea of working temporary for a while.  My focus is on my schooling, so being able to go to a job where I am not locked into it, is a good thing.  My skills get the brush up, and I can update my resume with more recent work -- but I am not stuck in a job I won't like or that has a difficult environment.  It is a very GOOD thing, and I am thanking God for this provision today.

On a second front, I am considering my options long term, and I have decided that the Lord's will and plan is for me to go to the University of Texas.  I was convinced that this was His plan last fall, even so much so that I began to tell my family about this plan.  Then fear sunk into me, and I retracted my words.  I waffled and later attempted to figure out how to remain here in Phoenix.  I never felt quite right after that point, never really had any peace.  I had nothing really, just a feeling that I wasn't on the mark 100%, but that I was OK.

Texas is a good choice for me, simply because this program is only 24 units beyond the MA, and specifically trains you to be a professor.  It is like a teaching college degree, where you study and write your dissertation ALONG with learning how to be a classroom teacher.  I like the practical and theoretical aspect, with the emphasis on the practical over research.  Moreover, you can petition the advisor to accept 6 units of your MA towards the PhD, so that means I would have 3 semesters (2 classes each) to finish the coursework, and then perhaps a year of writing a dissertation.  This enables me to graduate much sooner, and also opens up doors so that I can be PLACED in teaching positions at Universities around the country.  Every graduate in their program has received a teaching assignment upon graduation (tenured-track), which is HUGE.

As far as the other details, well I simply do not know yet.  I just feel that this path makes sense.  It is the field I am most interested in pursuing, and it is the shortest program for completion.  It requires a move to Austin, but the time involved is only 3 years versus 5-6 some place else.  I feel that this could work for me, and I appreciate the Lord's thinking of this program.  I would never have found it on my own nor would I have considered it initially.  God is GOOD that way.

Lastly, this brings up some choices for me now.  I have to decide whether it is best to try and sell my home now or wait until I graduate from Mercy College.  I was planning on remaining here, working and repairing my house, and then placing it on the market when the sales picked up.  However, now I may have to move sooner (not sure why), so I am considering planning out those repairs now.  It doesn't matter to me because I see myself leaving Phoenix temporarily in the near future.  My house is just a house now, and my life is fully in His control.  If He chooses to open this door, so be it.  If not, then so be it as well.  God is in control, and He is the One who determines my timing, my coming in and going out.  He is GOOD that way.

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