January 31, 2011

Scheduling My Life

I am a list-maker, and a notekeeper.  I have lots and lots of little snippets of paper with little notes on them.  I am pretty good at keeping them corraled in one place, but occassionally I misplace something important, and then I forget to do whatever the note was reminding me to do!  LOL!  I like to live an orderly life, very routine, with starts and stops consistent from day to day.  I prefer to know what the day will bring, and exactly what I must do to make ends meet, to finish each task, and to feel that sense of "well done" at the end of the evening.  My scheduling has been a bit wonky since I started to work at Macy's.  I don't have set hours, so each week my shifts change.  I also now have school drop off and pick ups for my son (at college), which means I have to schedule my day around those times.  Plus there are the other events in my son's life:  piano, worship practice, youth group, etc.  And, lastly, there is my school schedule which requires study time, writing and composing time, as well as seminar paper time.  I have to budget and plan my days, my weeks, and my months, so that I make sure to get everything done that is necessary for our current state of affairs.

So today, I thought I would plan out a schedule for this coming year.  I was used to doing this for my son for our home school program, but last year, we decided to graduate him early, and I let that job go.  Now, I miss the structure, and I miss the organization of it all.  Perhaps a new schedule for me will fit the bill and will help me feel more in control of the tasks the Lord has assigned to me.

I will post excerpts of it soon, but until then, I will focus on what needs doing today.

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