February 21, 2011

Bass and Other Stuff

I just got back in from Guitar Center where my son bought a new Bass guitar and amplifier.  He has been asking me for a new guitar for about a year, but recently started to ask specifically for a Bass guitar.  He already has two electric and one acoustic guitars, but wanted a bass to round out his interest.  We went over to Guitar Center a couple weeks ago to test some out, and he picked out a very nice Ibanez guitar.  Of course, money was an issue then (and still is), so we were just looking.  Today, I had a 15% off coupon and with the addition of some extra cash from my financial aid package (and my son's contribution from his savings), we were able to get a very nice guitar and decent little amp for him to practice on.  Whew!  Our music collection is really growing, what with two pianos and my cello.  LOL!

He and I were discussing his music interest on the way home, and I shared with him my feelings about his gifted abilities and what I thought perhaps the Lord might want to use them for down the road.  I believe that God gives us all gifts, all sorts, and that He does so to bless us, but also to enable us to bless others with them.  The Word says that we are to use our gifts in the edification of others, to build up the church, and I think whether these gifts are artistic or administrative -- we all have the opportunity to use them for God's Glory and for each other's betterment.

My son is a highly gifted musician, and I believe that God has enabled him to learn and understand music for a reason.  There is really no benefit except to himself to use these gifts for performance.  The gift must be used for God and for His Glory, and therefore, I think that this is why my son desires studying music over performing it.  He is fascinated by music theory, composition, and the actual performance aspect of playing an instrument (as in him playing it versus performing for others).  This attitude is what makes his gifting so special -- he doesn't want to be the center of attention nor does he want to show himself off.  He just likes playing it, learning to play better, and desiring to understand how each instrument varies and performs in and of itself.

As I shared my thoughts on the matter, I became all the more convinced that the Lord has used my gift (of Mercy College) to bless my son.  He has enabled me to be the person who stands in the gap, so to speak, to be the go between to ensure that my son is able to have what he needs to explore music.  I pay the bill, I charge the item -- and my son gets the blessing of using it and learning how to use it for the Lord.  I like being in this position.  I like being able to be the one to provide this blessing to my son.  I used to worry about how I would pay for lessons for him, and then the Lord said to me "Carol, I've got you covered."  He sure did (and does).  I am well covered by His banner of Grace, and His overflowing blessing rains down upon me.  I get sprinkled with His gifts and then they bounce off me and land on others.  It is a virtual shower of blessings, and I am in awe of His Generous Nature.  God is so Good to me.

Now as I consider my days, and my life under this banner of His Grace, one thing is for certain:  God is Good, His Mercy is forever, and nothing that happens to me is ever without His clear focus and attention.  He knows me.  He knows my needs, and He knows how much I need Him.  I am in a special place, sitting right here at His feet, worshipping Him, trusting Him, and believing in Him and His ability to shape and transform my life into something wonderful and beautiful -- something useful to bring Him Glory.  God is so Good to me.

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