February 17, 2011

A Direction to Go

I just got back in from taking my son over to the community college.  He is sick today, and as his Mom, I would have rather he stayed home.  It is probably a sinus infection, but could just be a cold.  He feels achy, has a headache, and fever.  Really, he should be home -- but -- he is a college student now, and that means going to class EVEN when you feel sick.  It is not high school anymore, and even though it is best to keep your own germs to yourself, college instructors really don't care and consider a missed class a big deal.  At the least, his all said "don't miss."  So I took him, wished that he felt better, and said a prayer on the way home for the Lord's healing to come over him today.

As I was driving home, I followed a police van from the school (also on the way there -- now, what does that mean? LOL!)  I had to keep my distance, and drive under the speed limit.  It was a good reminder to me to pay attention to what is in front of me, and to SLOW DOWN.  I almost hit another car when the van in front swerved around it.  Right there should have been a clue to me -- I was following too closely -- and not paying that much attention to what was going on just a few paces ahead.  I was reminded that in my own life, I tend to follow the Lord very closely, and while this is a good thing (a very GOOD thing), it also can be a negative IF I don't pay attention to what is around me.  The Lord reminds us to be alert, to pay attention, and while He doesn't want us to take our eyes off of Him, we must not be so single-mindedly focused that we miss the people standing right next to us.  We can do that, you know.  We can be so in love with Jesus, that we neglect to love the people Jesus loved.  We must remain alert, always watchful, and to be open to situations that the Lord opens up to us.  Sometimes these are to love people He needs us to love, sometimes it is to be aware of a situation that needs attention, or sometimes it is simply to be open to suggestions about possible options in our life.

I have been narrowly focused on finding the right job (Oh no!  Not another post on job hunting!) and in doing so I have overlooked some potential options because they didn't feel right or look right.  I know, I know...I am not in any position to be picky; yet, I still have looked at these options and made a quick judgment on them.  I pronounced them "not good" because they didn't seem to suit my skills or abilities or they weren't satisfying (emotionally, as in a ministry type application).  The Lord reminded me today that I am following the dots too closely (the trail He has laid out for me to follow).  While this is a good thing, and means I will stay on the path He has marked out, it also means that my narrow field of vision has caused me to overlook some good options.

One of these options requires a move away from Arizona.  I told the Lord that I was content to move (and I am), but I wasn't thrilled with the job itself.  It is pretty much doing exactly what I have been doing the past 12 years, and even though that is a good thing, it seemed sort of boring to me.  I mean, I am looking for NEW WORK, so could it possibly be a job doing something NEW?  Sigh, pig headed and stubborn and arrogant -- yep -- I am all three rolled into one.  Any job is a good job. 

As I reconsidered this job, the Lord reminded me of His most recent directive:  "Carol, take the job offered to you."  Ok, so right now I have no job offers, but apparently in the near future, I will be offered a job.  I don't know what this job will be or what the requirements are or where it is located.  Yet, the Lord says I need to take it when offered.  This tells me that I could miss the opportunity if I don't look up, be prepared, or at the least, expect a job offer to come my way.

I pulled into my driveway, and this thought ran through my head:  take the job, any job that is offered to you.  Yes, Lord, that is a good plan.  I need a job, and you have promised to provide one for me.  I will take it, and do this work -- regardless of where it is located or what kind of work is involved.  It will be your provision to me, and it will serve you and provide for me.  I know this, I believe this, and I trust you to keep your promise to me.  Selah (pause, and calmly think about that!)

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