February 3, 2011

Ideas for Potential Work

Well, yesterday I came up with a new idea on possible ways for finding work.  It was weird really, but then "weirdness" seems to fit me to a tee.  Anyhoo...I was out on the Internet, looking at graduate programs (always), when I decided to look through my old Gmail messages.  I had saved three messages from The Anthem Group, a private educational company that manages schools such as The Bryman School and others.  I had applied there to teach Computer Applications and Professional Success courses.  Neither job required a Masters degree, and the only criteria was experience teaching (corporate or in education).   I have many years teaching in corporate groups, so I thought I would be a good fit.  I also applied for the position of Technical Writer/Technical Wrtiting course developer.  This is something I have considered doing for a long time, and it is a field I think I would be very good at doing.  However, I have not had any opportunities to be hired, and I assumed it was because I didn't have enough experience.

The Lord placed this idea on my heart, so I started to look at technical writing courses (Professional Level training), and I found one offered through my local Community College.  I read through the content, and then watched the demo of the online course.  The price ticket on professional training courses is high, almost $1600 but almost all colleges and Universities offer these classes through their Continuing Education departments.  They are non-credit courses, certificate programs, that are open to anyone with interest in taking them (aka, who will pay the ticket price).  Well, I was hesitant at first, thinking to myself that I could learn this material on my own.  Truth be told, I already know most of it, but I don't possess the current jargon, so taking a class might actually benefit me.  I also thought that if I took this course, was certified (for what that is worth), I could at the least, update my resume to show that I "was" a technical writer.

So here I am, working hard towards the completion of my MA degree in English, and considering taking a self-paced course (online) to become a certified technical writer.  I figured that it cannot hurt me, could possibly help me, and if all else fails, gives me some certifications to list on my resume.  Now the question is where to take such course.  Gatlin Education Group is nationally recognized, and this is the course offered through my local community college.  I can take it from any major university as well, so I am thinking that I will enroll through a more known college and then I can put that on my resume as well (like "Technical Writing Certificate, Cal State University East Bay, 2011).  This might look better than saying Paradise Valley Community College, 2011, kwim?  Oh well.

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