February 21, 2011

A New Wind is Blowing

I woke up today, thanking the Lord that it is Monday.  I know, for most of you, you are beginning to start the new work week, and you would rather say "Thank God, it is Friday" right?  Well, working at Macy's takes its greatest toll on me over the weekends.  My schedule tends to run M, W, S-S or T, TH, S-M.  The past couple weeks, I have had to work three days in a row (2 full, and 1 half).  This combination of long days is what does the damage to my hip and lower back.  I simply cannot stand on my feet, lift excess clothing, and walk the distances I walk at Macy's.  You wouldn't think that retail was so strenuous, but it actually is a very tough work out.  Perhaps it is just me, and the way I work (hard).  I am not sure -- I seem to suffer more than most, and I have chalked it up to my arthritis in my back and hip.

Last night, I was so sore that just riding up the escalator was a relief for me.  My hip ached as soon as I stepped on the escalator, almost as if it was saying "finally, I can rest!"  By the time I got to the top of the stairs, the nagging pain in my back returned, and the twinge in my hip started up again.  I did take a good 1/2 hour and a 10 minute break, but still, the day was so long and hard on me.  I came home, made a peanut butter sandwich, watched a little HGTV, and ended up in bed (at 8:30).  I woke up around 5 am, still in my clothes, and then changed and went back to bed.  The two Advil Liquid Gels worked magic, relaxing my back, and helping me to fall asleep -- but alas--the pain is back again today, and I am just getting my morning started.

To add to my frustration over the pain, there is my deep desire to quit Macy's due to employee tension and management's new style of pressuring sales associates to open credit accounts.  I understand why they do it, it is business, and it is just Macy's -- but, I don't like the pressure, and it really is getting to me.  Then there is the tension between associates, which is driven in part by the nature of the pressure to get credits.  Registers are being horded, sales associates are rude and kicking others off so they can "ring a sale."  All this is apparent to the customer who really notices it and whinces at the entire process.  I hate it, just hate it.  I also don't like being ordered around by my peers.  "I am not stupid and I know my job, so thank you very much -- stop telling me what to do!"  I'm not the only person who feels this way because I talk with a number of employees who say they are fed up too (with both items).

As I limped my way out of Macy's, I was secretly hoping to hear on another job.  I am tired of Macy's, and I want out.  I confessed it to the Lord, saying to Him that I didn't know whether I could endure working there much longer.  The Lord knows how hard Macy's is on my body, and He knows that I have worked there faithfully and with diligence these past six, almost seven months.  I am ready for a change, and I am ready for a job that will allow me to work in a office where I can sit down most of the day.  I am ready to do the work the Lord has for me, this is for certain -- so please Lord -- can you bring me another job soon?

So here I sit, typing on my blog, and thinking to myself that there has to be some job available to me.  I promise Lord -- I won't be picky this time.  I will take the job that is offered to me.  Please Lord, just let one job be offered to me today?

I know His timing is perfect, and that He is Good all the time.  Furthermore, He is God, and as God "nothing is impossible for Him" to accomplish (Luke 1:37).  I am trusting in His provision and care, and I know that He will deliver me and bring me through this trial very, very soon.  God is willing, and I am willing -- therefore -- His will WILL be done.  I am certain of this, I know it, I feel it.  It is done.  Selah (pause and calmly think about it).  Amen, so be it, thy will be done!

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