February 18, 2011

Sigma Tau Delta

Ok, weird as it sounds -- I am considering being inducted into the International English Honor Society.  I happened on their website the other day, and found out that my college has a chapter (Phi Phi Alpha) and that to be considered for membership, I must maintain a graduate GPA of 3.3 (after 6 credit hours).  I have met this criteria so I technically qualify for membership.  The chair has to propose me as a member, and then I can join the society. 

I have never been a member of any society like this -- I guess because my undergraduate course work was in Humanities, and my school didn't have a chapter for honors students (even though my GPA was high enough).  I found out that some employers consider membership in this organization as means for pay advancement (especially the Government and its agencies).  I know that my PhD program will look favorably upon it, so I am thinking it is worth the effort to join (and pay the fee).  It will mean that I can graduate with distinction, and my diploma will say that I am a member of this society.  Oh well, I have always been a "pin" collector (just look at my AWANA shirt), and I am rewards motivated.  LOL!  So Sigma Tau Delta, here I come!

(Sigma Tau Delta is the international English Honor Society founded in 1924 at Dakota Wesleyan College (Mitchell, South Dakota). The organization's initials stand for "Sincerity," "Truth," and "Design." The official colors are cardinal and black, and the flower is the red rose.)

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