March 4, 2011

Another Praise

My new resume is working!  I applied to five more positions here in Scottsdale/Phoenix.  I really wasn't too hopeful on any of them, but I applied just the same, trusting the Lord for the provision of a good job.  I have had one phone interview and I am getting ready to go to an in-person interview this morning.  It seems to have done the trick as far as getting HR to take a closer look at my skills and consider me for interviews.  I am blessed, and I am so pleased with all the help I have received from my brother (a counselor).  I know that his advice and suggestions along with my research time on the Internet turned up a good format for showing my skills, and the design delivered results.

The job I am interviewing for today is with a local online development company.  This is my field, though I have not done exactly what they do through my previous ventures.  I have familiarity with their product, and I know enough basic support/design/development to be able to candidate for this position.  I won't really know if I will like the format or the actual position until I meet with the hiring manager, but I am excited to be able to candidate.  It has been almost four months since I last interviewed, and frankly, that process didn't go well.  I know now that the problem was more so communication of expectations and the job description not being an accurate indicator of what was really wanted/needed.  I went into that interview feeling unqualified, and ended up being second in line.  This position is more comfortable for me, and I am better suited to handling this type of work.  We will see how this process differs from the previous one, and whether it turns out to be a good fit for me.

One thing I know for certain is that whether I get hired today (or soon) the outcome is not in my hand.  God has determined my coming and going, and He has set His Banner over me.  I have His provision, and He has my welfare at hand.  I can do nothing wrong so long as I am focused on Jesus, and trusting in Him.  He will empower me, annoint me, and help me get through this interview.  If this is His will, so be it.  If not, then there will be another opportunty around the next bend.  I have patiently waited to find work, and I have patiently gone through the identity process to learn how to best show my skills and abilities.  I have had some rough starts, some poor showings, and some failures; but overall, I am still here swinging, still here doing my best, and still here waiting for God to bring me the job of His choosing.

I am committed to the idea of working in a good practical job.  I have given up the fantasy of finding the "perfect job," of searching for a job I like.  I am content to do good practical work, and that means work that provides a decent income and can meet my family needs.  I don't need more, I don't need this to be "it" or a career.  I simply need a good job.  I would like it to be in a good environment, and to be pleasant to go there each day, but other than that, I am content to do the work assigned.

I realize that my calling and my vocation are for the Lord's work.  My job happens to be in technology, and it happens to be a very useful occupation.  I am going to graduate school for the Lord's business, and I need a job that will accomodate my studies (as in not conflict with them).  If the Lord chooses this position for me, then it will not conflict with His plans for me.  If not, then there will be something else that will work better.  Either way, I do the work assigned, I study to show myself approved, and I continue to rely upon the Lord for His Guidance.  I truly can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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