December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

Well, it is finally here -- the end of 2011. This has been an amazing year for me. I have gone from being unemployed to having a great job at the University of Phoenix. I have left my home of the past twelve years to move into a rental townhome that suits me and my son perfectly. I am in the process of selling my old home, and praise God, we have an offer and the opportunity to close by January 31st! Of course, there are snaggles -- but when has that ever been not the case, eh? My entire life is one huge snaggle-fest, so this is going to be no different. I am trusting the Lord to provide for me, to show the way, and to close this deal. I know this will be, I know it, so now I am content to rest and let Him do whatever He needs to do.

As I look forward into 2012, I see some very happy days ahead. First of all, I will start my last semester at Mercy College on January 25th. I am enrolled in Humanism in Renaissance Texts and Thesis Seminar. I wasn't too sure I wanted to study Humanism, but I do like the Renaissance period, so the texts might actually be ones I am familar with -- perhaps some Locke or other Philosophy. My two and one-half years at Mercy will come to a close with my graduation, May 19th. I am not planning on attending it, but I will order my cap/gown so I can have a picture taken here in Phoenix. I will be a Masters graduate! Hooray!!

In July, my nephew is getting married to his High School sweetheart. They make an adorable couple, and clearly are in love with one another. I am very happy for them. They have good plans -- both work for Apple (Retail), and have good jobs. My neice-in-law, is still in school, and has a very good future ahead of her regardless of what she chooses to do after graduation. My nephew is super-talented and has opportunities for great expression in the movie/music industry. They are well set and I know that the Lord will bless their union, and give them a good future together.

I had planned on starting advanced studies at UOPX in August, but now have had some second thoughts about whether or not this is the best program for me. I like it, but the Lord has pressed a new school into my subconcious, and it seems to be pulling me away from Phoenix, and over to the Midwest.

Earlier in the year, the Lord and I discussed options for school. At that time, I was considering two schools:  Regent University and UOPX. I have since found out that I cannot start Regent this summer, due to a conflict in scheduling. Therefore, I set that aside and concentrated on UOPX. In the interim, the Lord directed me towards a program at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. It is an ED.D in Reading, Language and Literature. At first, I was put off by how hard the program would be, how much work was involved, and the very fact, that it was going to be SO EXPENSIVE to attend there. I discounted the program, thinking it was not going to be a good fit for me.

Now, however, I have been asked to reconsider it and this time, it seems far more doable. It is 100 semester hours, and the specialty in Language offers me the opportunity study what interests me most -- educational psychology and language acquisition theory. This is something I am passionate about, and something that seems to come round to me every time I write a paper at Mercy. I am always thinking about how we process language, and how we communicate our thoughts on paper. Language and literacy are the two interests for me, and this doctorate program would allow me to study both.

I cannot enroll at this school until Fall 2013, so right now, I am strongly considering going there after a year off break. The break will allow me to settle into my job at UOPX, and will give me downtime to rest and recover. I am worn out, tired of school right now, and struggling to keep up with life. I am looking forward to the long break, and to starting the next level of school when I am fresh and ready to do so.

I am not sure how UOPX will factor into the mix. I do get tuition assistance, but if I am taking a program similar to what they offer -- they may not pay for it. However, they do not offer the RLL concentration, and that is what I want, so perhaps it will work out and I will get some assistance in paying for this school.

As I contemplate the future, I am secure in the knowledge that my career is fixed in higher education administration. I see myself working at UOPX or another college until I am able to retire. I want to stay in education, and I want to continue my advanced studies in education. I feel confident that this is my future, and that I am on the right track now. I don't know if I will remain in Phoenix long-term, but for now, it seems that everything is working out as it is supposed to do so. I am happy in my new home, in my new job, and in my college choice. I am waiting now, waiting for the provision to come through, and waiting for rest -- the time I need to recharge and get ready to tackle a doctorate in Education.

May God be Praised on this last day of 2011. He has been faithful to me, and has seen me through some very difficult times. I am so ready to be used, to go where He sends me, and to do the work He has prepared for me to do. I am ready now to start my new future in 2012. I know it will be blessed, and I give all the testimony and praise to God!

December 12, 2011

I am so excited

I am so excited! My Christmas present arrived today, and I am jumping for joy!! I have wanted to purchase a buffet/hutch for nearly 30 years, and yesterday, I did it! I bought a used oak buffet with leaded glass hutch at our local Turn Style store. I had been in the store about two weeks ago, when I purchased a small side table for my living room. I found the buffet/hutch and when I saw the price tag, I knew I wanted it. The problem was the size and the lack of ability to move the piece. I stewed over it for two weeks, thinking "Lord, there has to be a way to get this piece home?" Finally, I gave in to the idea that the hutch and me were not meant to be. I mean, with my bad back, and my Dad's inability to lift anything -- how could I get such a heavy piece of furniture home?

Well, yesterday, my Mom stopped in the store and noticed that the piece was still for sale. She asked the co-owner who said that she would give us 20% off the price if we bought it that day. Mom called me, and told me the good news -- it was cheaper now, and the store had a moving person who would delivery it to my home for a small fee.  I was in heaven!

Here is a photo of my new buffet. It is empty, but as soon as I can get my special dishes over from the old house, it will be filled and decorated for the holidays! I am so excited!!

December 11, 2011

Weary, but Slowly Getting Things Done

This is my umpteenth weekend where I have had to work at home (not business-work, but house work). I am in need of a good long rest, but the weekends seem to come and go so quickly. Partly, this is due to moving into a new home, and all the little details that come along with changing residences. I have bought new items such as pictures, accessories, TV, etc. do add some freshness to my old things. And, while I have enjoyed the process, I am really tired of always running to Target or Walmart each day. I am ready for a rest, and I am ready to be settled.

This weekend, I had to clean out the old house and help my husband with a garage sale. I hate garage sales. I think they are the biggest waste of time, and especially now adays, net you very little profit. I would much prefer to just give away things, or let someone come (a charity) pick them up. It would be easier on me, and I would know that the items were being used by someone in need or if not, then disposed of properly. My DH likes to sell things, so he did the garage sale yesterday. I am not sure what he actually made, but my guess is about $25 dollars. Not worth the effort, IMHO.

The old house is slowly being emptied out. We signed a contract with a realtor to sell the house, but I have grave doubts about this happening. The house looks so sad without me and my son living there. I mean, it really looks shabby and worn down. It needed some big repairs, and I was planning on making them -- but when the foreclosure happened, there was not much I could do to stop it, and it seemed irresponsible to invest more money into the property -- just to lose it in the end. The house, therefore, is not in good shape to sell, and with the down market here in Phoenix, I doubt we will sell it for what we owe. Furthermore, since we do not owe to a bank, we cannot do a short sale. We either sell it for what is owed, or we allow the foreclosure to take place.

I anticipate that it will take the three of us a full month to clear the house out. We have about a month and a half until the sale, so hopefully, we can get everything out before then. I would like to have the house emptied out by the end of the month. Possible, but not probable. I am tired, so very tired all the time. I worry about my CFS, which has flared up (it seems to do so every year about now), and it is struggle just to get through the days. Working full-time has taken it's toll as well. I know that while I enjoy my job, and sit for most of the day, it is more a matter of the stress involved in working that is wearing me down. School ending doesn't help either, so I am plodding on through, knowing that once I finish this semester, I will have some down-time (about 3 weeks) before my last semester at Mercy begins the end of January.

I am very excited about graduating from Mercy, and I am looking forward to starting my PhD program at the University of Phoenix. I worry a bit about how I will do it, but I consider the One who is behind all of this, and I rest in the knowledge that He is God, and that as such, He is more than able to help me to accomplish this goal.

Well, I am finally getting sleepy, so I am off to bed. I woke up at 2:30 a.m., lounged in bed until 3:30, and then finally got up since I was wide awake. I made some coffee, and had a bowl of cereal. It is 4:40, and I am feeling that sleepy feeling. I think I will sleep in tomorrow, and take the day off from church. I have to write a paper, and get prepared for this week -- and a real day off sounds so blessedly wonderful. God be Praised for He is so Good to me. I know it, and I am trusting in His Goodness towards me. He is Good all the time.

December 4, 2011

Thinking About Next Year

Happy Sunday Morning! I am sitting here in my beautiful bedroom, eating some cereal, and enjoying the view out of my window. My computer faces out, and I have the blessing of sitting above/in the trees. It is a lovely picture to have each day, and I love the fact that I can sit here alone and be in the quiet moment.

Some changes have occurred in my life recently. First all, besides moving into my lovely new townhome; I have had to deal with packing up and leaving my old home. I had worked so hard to keep my old home -- trying to do everything to stall foreclosure. I am now reconciled that I will have to go through foreclosure unless the Lord provides a buyer to us. I was over at the house this week, doing more packing and moving, when the old washer we had, broke, and flooded the entire dining/office area. It caused major damage, and thankfully the Lord provided someone who came and was willing to work out a deal with us to clean up the mess for a trade (services).

Yesterday, while the blowers and fans were still doing their work, I thought about how fortunate I am to have such a beautiful place to live in now. I have been blessed by the Lord and His provision of such a nice home. I love my new home, and I love the fact that everything seems to be working out as He had planned it. I don't understand it, and I don't really know how it will end -- but I do know that my God is firmly in control of my life now. I am so blessed, and God is so very Good to me.

As I think about next year, I am faced with the realization that this is my life now. I am settled here in Phoenix, and I now have the ability to pay all my bills, to take care of the needs as well as the wants, and that I no longer am faced with uncertainty. Praise be to God for His Goodness towards me. I look into the future, and while I don't know exactly what will be, I do know that my God is leading me through my days, bringing me into the place where He determines, and where He has need of my services to Him. I am excited to know that I can rest now, that I can go through my days and let things be as they are. I may not always like what I see, or not always feel that I understand what is happening; but I know that God is moving in my life, and that He is orchestrating the details to bring Himself Glory. God is so AMAZINGLY GOOD ALL THE TIME.

Now, my life is complete. I am happily contented to live within His Will, and to do all that He has in mind for me. I want nothing more than to be about Yah's Way. I have come to learn that His Way is perfect, and that in this way, the one who follows it, will find perfect peace -- in this life as well as in the next. This perfect peace comes from the restoration of relationship between God and man,  and authored by none other than Jesus the Christ, who came at this Holy time, and lived on Earth to bring the GOOD NEWS of God's Great Love to all of mankind. In Jesus, we have the Divine representation of God Almighty -- the God who dwells with us (Immanual -- God with us) -- in personal form. Through Jesus' life and death, we are reconciled to God, and are able to resume relationship with Him.  In Yah, we are able to experience the blessing, the peace, the protection, and the providence of God. We are able to be with Him through the power and presence of His Holy Spirit, who indwells the believer and who dispenses the Grace of God into and through our lives. This PEACE has come, and it is this PEACE that we celebrate during the winter season we call Christmas. I have found that to be kept within His PEACE, there is rest. This is the blessed faith-rest that brings comfort, and confidence to know that no matter whatever takes place -- personally, corporately or universally -- all will be as Yah Way (YHWH) decrees and determines.

I am not really able to explain it other than to say that this PEACE has taken hold of my life, and has given me the ability to live fully and completely devoted to God. I am blessed, I am content, and I am at rest. God is SO VERY GOOD TO ME.