April 28, 2012

I Am Done!

I did it! I completed my masters thesis today. I had the majority already written, but I had not touch the text for the past two months due to illness and weariness from work. I have had this assignment hanging over me, and it felt like a gigantic weight. Today, among other things, I made up my mind to finish the text. I need to submit my rough draft to my Professor tomorrow, and hopefully, he will have very small suggestions for me. I am hoping that he will accept it as is, without any changes, but that is a long shot.

I spent the day adding in more references and fine tuning my text. My paper is supposed to be 25 pages, but I think mine is around 36 with references. Oh well -- I like to write and I write a lot.

I ran it through WritePoint(sm) which is an awesome tool that I have access to at UOPX. It gave me really good suggestions for style and grammar. I will incorporate those changes tomorrow, and then I will submit my paper for proofing. I also ran it through Turnitin, which is a plagarism software application, also through UOPX. My document came back with a 10% match. I am very happy with the result, none of the areas were of any concern. They were all references to the title of works or the works themselves. I am so elated and happy!

I have three weeks left of school, and in that time, I have to submit my thesis, and write four essays (5 pages) for my Humanism course. I also need to get caught up on the boards, and I will do that tomorrow. If I can get my reading done, and post some responses, then I will be in good shape. I plan on writing one essay each night next week -- that is four essays by Friday. This will allow me to close out my time at Mercy, and graduate with honors. I am hoping that my lack of posts on the boards will not really hurt my grade. I need an A in that course, and if I get two As -- one for the thesis as well -- then my GPA will go up to about 3.93 again. Right now, it is 3.83. I really want to end my Masters program with a solid 3.9.

Lastly, tomorrow I need to perform at a student recital, so after I get back, then I will hit the books. I feel so empowered today. I feel as though nothing can stop me now. I feel as though I can really do all things -- through Christ -- who strengthens me. I can do this, I know I can.

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