April 23, 2012

Making Progress Today

Day One of my Atkins Diet. So far so good. I have kept my carbs down to a minimum, and am feeling pretty good. I was hungry earlier today, and I needed a snack, so I drank my protein shake. I think I need to have a bigger lunch, or at the least, add more protein to my lunch. The protein bar for breakfast was spot on, good and satisfying, and held my hunger at bay until lunch time. I had a caesar salad, which was good, but not enough for me. I think tomorrow I will add ham, turkey and cheese to make it more of a Chef Salad. I need to plan for dinner tonight, and right now, I am craving food -- so I need to come up with a good dinner plan to carry me through until tomorrow. Ok, so more refining on the menu is needed, but generally speaking, I am happy with the result.

On the school front, I am more content with my choice of Rio Salado as an intermediary stop before doctoral studies. I need to bang out my French study, and I am really looking forward to these courses. I am also feeling confident on my papers for Mercy, and I plan to get everything done in the next week or two. I want to order my announcements for graduation, my sash, and other items for my Masters degree this week.

Recital is over, and my nerves are back in good shape. No worries about the upcoming performance piece of Ava Maria for Betsy Morrow's Senior Recital on Sunday. I can play this piece well, and we sound great (all of us - Karen Macklin, me and DJ Hepburn). It should be a really nice afternoon performance.

Lastly, I am contemplating change again -- well -- I think the Lord is contemplating the change. He had asked me to be prepared for change a couple weeks ago, and naturally, I freaked out. I don't normally freak, but whenever He speaks to me about change, I tend to go off the deep end. I am comfortable even in the midst of my unconfortability, if that make any sense. I am comfortable because I don't like change, but despite the fact that I am not happy about certain things, I choose to remain simply to avoid the unpleasantness of change. The devil you know versus the devil you don't know, as the old axiom says.

In my case, change doesn't sit well with me, and I worry over it, and how my life will fare after it. I don't know what kind of change He is thinking of, but I am confident that change is coming into my life, and I need to be ready for it. I accept it now, thanking Him for the opportunity to grow. I accept the change, even if it makes me uncomfortable, because I know that I need to be stretched this way, to mature into His will. I don't want to change, yet I long for the kind of change that conforms me more closely to His will for my life. I ask Him now to change me, to change my attitude, and my willingness to experience all He has in mind for me. I ask this now in Jesus' Name because change according to the Lord is indeed Good for me.

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