April 18, 2012

More Interesting Changes

So today was a pretty good day for me. It started off roughly, but after a couple positive hours, things turned out OK. First of all, I made up my mind to stay put at UOPX. I made this decision last night, but didn't articulate it until today. Second, I decided that I have had enough of the "beat me" up attitude I am sporting. I have been very hard on myself lately, and it is not helping me feel better about my life and my work. Third, and last, I have noticed some things happening, hence the title of this post.

Yesterday, I received a call from a technical recruiter. This followed the email I received on Tuesday from my own parent company in response to a job I applied for back in March. Today, I received an email from another recruiter asking me to update my resume, and meet with her to see if I might be interested in some positions she has open. Ok, so what is going on?

In February, I got really fed up with the pressure at my job. I was feeling overwhelmed by what was going on, and I decided to start casting my net, so to speak. I applied for a couple positions through Maricopa CC and ASU. I also applied internally to see if there was any interest in my resume. Nothing happened, nothing at all. Then last week I received recognition regarding something I did at work. It was pretty huge, and the praise was nice to receive. Yesterday, after the email from the internal recruiter and the call from the external recruiter, my current supervisor also gave me praise and encouragement for my handwork and discipline. Now, I am getting contact from another recruiter.

I would like to take credit for this, but I cannot. This is the Lord's doing on my behalf, and I am really overwhelmed and overjoyed about it. I don't even have a good resume ready -- but already -- people are taking an interest in me. I guess it is true what they say "when you don't have a job, and need one -- nothing happens; but when you have a job, and want a different one, then the ice dam breaks loose and opportunities abound."

My plan today is to rest. I am to sit still and remain where I am until the Lord chooses to move me to another position. I know that I don't want to take a job for less money (I cannot), and I don't want to do contract work or temp to perm. I need benefits, and while I would live without them for a while, I really don't want to give mine up. So I am looking for a job that betters me, moves me up, and into a better position. I want to make more money, and have a job that aligns with the Lord's will for my life. I need to move up, and into His work; not take another position that moves along side of it.

Dear Lord,

I ask you to open a door of opportunity for me regarding a new job. I am content now to remain where I am. I know that in September, I will probably get a promotion and pay raise. This is nominal, but it would be a good start. I can last until then, but I really would like to move up into a position that is more directly related to your work for me. I ask now that you move me to the place of your choosing. If I am to remain where I am at, so be it. If I am to go elsewhere, then so be it. I trust you, and I am relying on you for your provision. God be praised today and forever more. Amen, so be it, thy will be done.  Selah!

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