April 16, 2012

New Computer is Here!

My new computer is here! I picked it up at FedEx today, and after a few issues getting things hooked up, I am now up and running on OSX Lion! Whoohoo!

God is so very good to me!!

I have had major issues with my eye sight for some time now. Partly I believe that this is due to eye strain/dry eyes, but also think there is some visual issues at play. I need to get new glasses, more than likely, trifocals, so I can see mid-range as well as up close and at a distance. I have been vacillating regarding purchasing a Mac or a PC. I weighed the pros and cons of each, and in the end, went with the Mac. I am really glad I did because the visual issues are less noticeable on the Mac then they were on the PC. My new monitor is great, and I like the way it displays everything - slightly larger than with the IMAC, yet still fairly sharp and crisp.

It will take a little while for me to get used to using the wireless keyboard -- it is so tiny and I make a lot of errors in typing, but I think I am getting the hang of it. All in all, I am really pleased. I can actually see the text, and when I watch Netflix or browse the web, I can actually see things!!

I have been struggling to take the Lord at His word to me, and now here I sit, typing on the very computer He suggested to me. He has been so gracious to me, and has given me choices about various items I needed to purchase. I have second-guessed Him, not wanted to spend the money He has provided, and generally been disagreeable regarding opportunities and such. Now today, God is Good -- well always Good -- it is just today I realize just how Good He really is. God is Good all the time; and all the time, God is Good.

Today was a really horrible day at work. I had some issues with student retention, student completion, and generally just student dissatisfaction. This is pretty normal when you work in higher education. It never is a great day, but most days are pretty good.

I was at a really low point today -- between just the normals of the day, and then being chased by some bees (I walked by a swarm of them) -- I really was not a happy camper. Then I got an email regarding a job I had applied for at my work. No real information, just a confirmation that my resume and application are being reviewed. I am blessed. I mean, even if I don't get this interview, it does show that I can apply for positions at my company.

I am not really sure if I want this job or not, but after today, I am leaning towards wanting it a lot. It is as a graphics designer, which is a good fit for my skills. I am ready to go back to working on the computer, and being into my own thing, rather than being in student business. I don't like taking responsibility for people -- at the least -- not for people I don't know and will not know personally. I want to go back to doing a job, and going home at night and leaving it all at the office. I don't want to bring that work home with me anymore.

God is Good so I am trusting Him to do this work through me. I need Him to do this for me, and to keep me until He does provide another kind of work for me to do. Praise God for all His blessings -- He is so very Good to me!

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