April 15, 2012

New Computer

I bought a new computer the other day. I have been needing to replace my old system for about three years. Last week, the work-around-pc I have been using started to fail. First I got system errors, then major Windows OS failures, and today, hard drive whining. The latter got me off my duff to back up my files, especially my school files. I had already invested in a new monitor last week, so on Friday, I bought a new computer from Apple.

I bought the MacMini, the low end unit, because I am no longer a power user. I don't really need to crunch numbers or edit websites with Photoshop. I only read email, surf the web, and do my school papers. I could have bought a less expensive PC, but with my history of failures, decided that I would return to my old standby, a Mac.

It has been about 7 years since I worked on a Mac. Now, I am an Apple user since I own the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Having the Mini will make it easier for me to stay on one platform. Plus the Mini is HDMI ready, so my new monitor should really work well.

I still need to purchase some accessories and software, which I will do next week. One of the reasons I went with the Mini was to be able to upgrade as I could afford it. I can add up to 8GB of RAM for $59.00. I will do this in a couple weeks, and with the extra memory, Netfix and other graphic intensive programs should be happy. I can also add a second hard drive via USB or when a Thunderbolt drive is released, use  one. I will need to purchase a Super Drive so I have a CD/DVD. The new version of the Mini doesn't come with one. I don't really mind. I price shopped and to get a similar configuration with HDMI support, graphics and an i5 processor, I was still going to be in the $600-700 price range. The Mini is comparable to the HP P7 I was considering over at Office Max.

The biggest need I will have is Office and watching Netflix. This computer is in my bedroom, and will do double-duty as a TV. I needed something very small, very quiet, and easy to use. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase, and I can't wait to get it up and running (tomorrow).

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