April 7, 2012

New Technology

On Wednesday, I bought a new HP Monitor for my computer. I have been struggling with some vision issues lately (well, for over two years), but the problem seems more persistent and annoying. Mostly, it is double-vision, and I believe it is a result of dry eyes. I don't think there is actual vision damage, but I am scheduled to go in for a check up in the next week or two. Mostly, the problem exists in the mornings. I find it difficult to look at books, my phone, or even the computer screen.

I thought getting a larger monitor would solve the problem. It has, generally speaking, but I am still having the blurred vision this morning. The monitor I purchased is an HP 2511x25 HDTV monitor. It is supposed to be really good for accurate visual imagery and also for watching streaming video. I plan on using it as both monitor and TV screen -- for videos, Blu-Ray, and Netflix.

I need to get a better computer, and right now, I am considering getting a Dell i570 PC. I don't need anything flashy, just something with Windows 7 and about 4 GB memory/500 GB HD. I need a good quality graphics card, so I may just invest in a better one than what comes with the machine. It may be fine, but incase it isn't, then I will upgrade it along with more memory and a larger hard drive. I can get a sweet deal on this machine at Best Buy for about $350 right now. This fits my budget, so I am thinking I can swing it really soon.

On other technology fronts, I am also thinking of investing in a lap top. I need a good lap top for school. I love my iPad, and I use it almost every single day. It works well for everything -- checking email, watching videos, surfing the web, and reading e-books. What I need, though, is a good notebook with Microsoft Office so I can do business/school work without having to use some other software like Pages. I noticed that I can get a good lap top for about $400-500. So right now, I am thinking of getting the desk top now, the lap top sometime around the end of summer.

I am also going to need to do something about my printer. I really like this printer -- a Samsung CP-110 laser printer. It was a gift from my church, and it is great. It is just really expensive to buy toner cartridges -- something like $200 to replace all colors. We are low volume printers, so perhaps it is really an OK price to pay since we will not run out of toner for a long time. When I was using my HP and Kodak printers, I was spending about $50 per month on ink. WOW! Just saying that makes me think that the printer I have is a sweet thing. I mean -- $200 per year versus $600! Even just pricing cartridges makes sense. I was paying $15 for Black, $35 for color whereas I now pay $53 for black and $53 for each color (or $150). But in comparison, my toner cartridges give me 1500-2000 prints, which is far more than the Kodak or HP printer. Oh well -- I guess I have to rethink getting a new printer now.

Some more ideas for office organization:
  • I need a riser for my new monitor. I saw one at Office Max for about $25 dollars. I could just put my monitor on a stack of books, but I sold them all, so I guess I have to purchase a real monitor stand.
  • I also need some files so I can organize my bills and school work.
  • I need to put up my bulletin board over my desk, but I was waiting to see if I could get a new desk first. Now, I think I will just put it up and leave it at that -- it will look nice, and give me a place to post important reminders.
  • After the BB, I think I will put up my remaining pictures, and then hang up my wall lamp that is in my closet. It is a nice lamp, and will not take up desk space.
I have not spent much time organizing my space because I was so focused on my other needs and projects -- like getting settled here in my home, learning my new job, etc. Now, though, I am getting ready to graduate and I need to be organized. I am looking forward to finishing my Masters program, and then taking some well-needed time off before starting my PhD program.

I also have some tasks to complete between now and Fall 2013. I need to finish my foreign language study, study and pass the GRE exam, and then collect all my documents for my application (due on Jan. 15th). Hopefully, I can enroll and be accepted in the program. I really want to do Linguistics, and now, feel so much more ready to start that program. I see the value in it, and I see how it meshes with the Lord's will for my life. I am praying that the Lord of Hosts will open a door there for me, and make it possible for me to be accepted for both study and work (assistant/fellowship/instructor).

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