April 20, 2012

Resting, Part Three

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So now, I need to make some choices, and these choices need to align with God's will for my life. I know His will, I know what I am to do, I just don't know how I am to do it. I have tried to follow what I believed was the Lord's plan for me, and so far, I have found success. Something changed for me, and I am uncertain what that was, I just know that for the past couple months, I have been pushing a rock up a hill, and I am losing hold.

My choices are as follows:

  1. Remain where I am at UOPX (as an Advisor), and wait for the Lord to move me to another position within my company (a promotion to Sr. Advisor in September)
  2. Take a job offer that comes my way, step out in faith, and go to another employer
  3. Continue to work where I am, but look for a job outside my employer or in another part of the parent company (as in moving to a different part of UOPX/Apollo Group)
Right now, I have been told that if I remain #1, I will receive a promotion to Sr. Advisor in September. This will come with a small pay raise, about 3-7%. I am already receiving interest from recruiters #2, though none of these positions has proven a good move at this time. But this doesn't mean I won't be offered a job that would be a good move for me. And, #3 may end up a good move too, as I have already received confirmation that my resume is being considered for a position in another part of the parent group. So in reality, I have three confirmations on options for me, and all three are positively influenced. Which one do I choose, or which one do I follow? How will I know where to go?

As far as my continued education, as I blogged earlier, I am blocked from doing anything right now. None of the schools I have chosen is open to me at this point. I cannot project which way to go because of the timing of being accepted.
  1. UOPX - this was the path I was on and the plan was to enroll here and start the PhD in Higher Education Administration in November. This would require that I remain at UOPX for five years, and continue to work my way into new positions.
  2. ASU - this was a path I considered recently, and liked a lot. It leads to teaching, and it would make it possible for me to become a full-time faculty member at the CC or another school. The plan would be to find a teaching position upon graduation from Mercy, and then teach for one year, and start ASU in fall 2013.
  3. Regent - this was the original path when I was still a Website Designer. I tried to get work as a designer, but ended up coming to UOPX instead. Now I may have the opportunity to be hired as a Graphic Artist, and this path appears open again. I could work at UOPX and do classes online. However, I do not necessarily feel that this is what the Lord wants for me now. The path seems closed permanently to me.
I know that this following is part of God's will for my life. I am to complete advanced studies in an area that aligns with my undergraduate and graduate course work. This would be English/Humanities -- so really the only school that fits me is ASU. I can enroll in one of two programs: Rhetoric/Composition/Linguistics or Linguistics. The issue with the second is the emphasis on Second Language Acquisition, which is not really my field. It could be, but really, I am far more interested in Social Linguistics than in SLA.

Alright, so factoring in my job with my schooling, this is what I can see. If I wait for #1, then I will have two years of higher education employment to satisfy the requirement. I still need to demonstrate leadership, but that probably won't happen in two years. In three yes, but that places me out of the Lord's timeline on completing my education. It looks like I have to let UOPX go. This leaves me with #2 ASU and #3 Regent. Since #3 is blocked, I feel that my only course of action is to accept #2 and rely on the Lord to provide two things to me: a teaching position and the opportunity to attend school full-time in 2013.

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