April 20, 2012

Starting Atkins

I made the decision to do something about my weight last week. I have been praying about my weight gain for the past 6-12 months, but nothing I have done, has really made any difference. Last week, I talked with the Lord about it again, but I really wasn't keen on doing anything to help my weight loss program. Then at work this week, my next door cube-neighbor said that she wanted to do something about her weight. We started talking, and decided to buddy up and track our progress together. I decided to try Atkins for the first two weeks. I am not sure why I wanted to give it a try, but I thought it might be easier to jump start my weight loss.

I bought some Atkins product at Walmart. Given my day and routine, this is what I am thinking might work during my first two weeks:

Breakfast - one Atkins Bar (3g) along with coffee and 1/2 and 1/2
Snack - Veggie and dip (2g)
Lunch - Chef salad with veggies and ham/turkey/bacon/cheese and Ranch dressing (6g)
Snack - Atkins shake (2g)
Dinner - 4 to 6 oz of Protein, green veggies, etc. (6g)

My goal will be to keep my net carbs below 20g. I am also thinking that I will go off the Diet Soda, even though it doesn't have carbs, it has artificial sweeteners and I need to be rid of them as well. Eight glasses of water, including tea and coffee, and I think this is good.

The last time I did weight loss, I was successful by keeping a journal and eating a set menu. I am not into variety, so I don't mind eating the same foods every day. If I can stick to this for two weeks, perhaps I can lose 10 lbs.  My goal is to lost 35, just like before, and that took me 6 months, so I am hoping that by changing my eating habits, counting carbs, and exercising, I can get my weight back under control by summer. My initial goal is to be down to a size 6 by July 7 -- my nephew's wedding. I think this is really doable, so I plan to do Atkins Induction for the next two weeks, then moderate my menu so that I can continue to lose weight over the next 6-12 months, like before.

I actually signed up on the Atkins website so that I could use their online tracker to track my weight loss, create menus, and keep tabs on my progress. It is pretty cool, and I think having an online tracker is a great thing. Plus it is totally free, and for me, that makes it worth while.

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