April 21, 2012

A Step of Faith, Part Three

Final post...

Boy, I sure don't like the changes Blogger made to the site...I digress!!!

In summary, then, I took a step of faith last night by choosing to trust the Lord and return to the path I was on, which is through ASU's Linguistics program. I am registered to take the first two semesters of French in the Fall, along with a Linguistics course and a Sociology course (Racial and Ethnic Minorities). I will then complete the remaining two semesters of French along with a Communications course to complete the Academic Certificate program. None of these credits will transfer to my program, but that is Ok. I don't get credit for my language study, I just need to show that I completed courses through 200 level. The SLC 201 class is foundational, and will give me a little background for graduate courses. I may still take a 300-400 level class at ASU, but more than likely, I will be able to take the 500-600 level class since I am coming in with my Masters in English. If everything works out as it appears now, I will have accomplished the following education in preparation for the Lord's work:

  • Associates of Art in Liberal Studies, emphasis in Graphic Design - Evergreen Valley College, 1984
  • Bachelors of Art in Humanities, emphasis in European Studies, Minor in English Literature - San Jose State University, 1993
  • Masters of Art in English Literature - Mercy College, 2012
  • PhD in English/Linguistics, emphasis in social and psycholinguistics - Arizona State University, 2018
Along with these degrees, I will also have an Academic Certificate in Languages from Rio Salado College, and have completed Intermediate French. I will still need to continue my language study through fourth year, but this will be done on my own through language programs and travel. I will also need to complete additional language study in German and in Italian before I am really ready to do His work.

My job will be as an instructor in English Language and Linguistics, a teacher of Composition as well as Literature courses. Additionally, I will focus my studies on social and psycholinguistics with the emphasis on understanding language development and acquisition along with cultural diversity. The intention is to equip me to minister to those individuals who work on the front lines in International Ministry. My role is to support and encourage frontline Pastors, teachers, missionaries and to equip them to deliver the Word of God in a new way, a fresh way that will incorporate the cultural and ethnic diversity of Northern Europe to overcome the challenges inherent in a postmodern and New Age world. I plan to use my education and experience for God's work, and in doing so, my primary goal is to be ready to minister to the Body of Christ, specifically those individuals who are attempting to minister to the lost in the triangle between Northern France/Germany and Italy. This is my calling, this is the Word I received from the Lord showing me the way to go, the path to complete to be ready to do His work. I am ready, and I am willing, and I am eager to do this work. I have overcome so many obstacles since He first called me -- so much doubt, so much unbelief, and so much unwillingness to "go." I have learned to trust Him, to believe in Him, and to know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am ready, Lord -- send me!

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