April 21, 2012

A Step of Faith, Part Two

Continued post...

The Lord and I talked about the options I have for work a while ago, and of these choices (teaching, corporate, or retail sales), we settled on teaching and me becoming an instructor at the Community College. Now that I am graduating with my Masters in English, I am eligible to teach college courses. This has been something I wanted to do since I first started my Masters program. I have wanted to do this for a really long time (years), but I always felt that it wasn't possible -- not with my age, lack of experience, etc. Even though I thought it was impossible, the Lord has provided some positive affirmations to let me know that it is possible (recent news articles saying that the CC's are hiring again, etc.) I have wanted to believe this is the case, but truthfully, I decided not to believe that the Lord would do this for me, even though He said that He would do it. My bad, so to speak!

Yet, even while I was floundering and choosing not to believe the Lord, He has been working behind the scenes to make this option viable to me. Last month (March), I submitted my resume (another step of faith) for a teaching position at one of our local CC's. It is for an instructor to teach Developing skills or Fundamental writing. I really want to do this, as I like working with developing writers. It will be a challenge, and I am willing to work with adults who cannot write a sentence or paragraph. It will be good experience for me, and I like the focus -- helping adults overcome writing phobia and challenges. The job posting is for August 2012-May 2013. It is a one year position, and while I was excited to apply, I was concerned about the "what happens after May?" part of the job post. The Lord was not concerned, and He replied to me with His usual, "I have you covered" line, which just means "rest and know that I am God" (Ps. 46:10).

If I could draw all this out, this is what you would see>

Me------->walking towards enrolling at ASU to study Linguistics for Fall 2013
Me------>applying for a teaching job at our local CC to teach fundamental writing skills for Fall 12/13
Me----->preparing to study French in August so I can pass the CLEP exam and earn 16 lang. credits
Me----->choosing to study Linguistics, but not having studied it previously thinking if I needed a prep class to introduce me to the program
My son ---->signing up to take German at Rio Salado, an online CC for Fall 2012
Me---->thinking that I could take the required EDU 250 class (for teachers at the CC) at that same school
Me---->seeing that RS has French courses, and an intro to Linguistics course as 8-week mini courses
Me----->looking at ASU, and starting the application for a Certificate in Linguistics, but finding it a no-go
Me---->being overwhelmed at work, needing a changed job, and more time off
Me---->wanting to do the Lord's work, but feeling that it was impossible
Me---->worried about my Financial aid which I need for doctoral studies -- but having loans due in 5/14
Me---->overwhelmed again, looking at other ways to do the Lord's work
Me----->considering staying at UOPX, going to school there only to find that I cannot do this now due to a change in the requirements
My son--->becoming more interested in languages and wanting to be a Linguist too
Me---->praying, praying and more praying to know what to do
Me---->being turned around by the Lord, and set back on the path to Linguistics again
Me---->applying to RS to study French in the Fall
Lord---->showing me a Certificate in Language Study which includes the Linguistics course and language study
Lord---->showing me that because it is a certificate, my financial aid will continue, and my loans remained deferred
Me----->completing the application for certificate for Fall/Spring thus accomplishing what I need to accomplish: 4 semesters of language along with an Introduction to Linguistics course

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