May 7, 2012

I Barely Slept Last Night

I tried to go to sleep, but I couldn't. This is not like me. I never suffer from insomnia. I think I finally drifted off to sleep around 12:30 am, and when my alarm went at 5:30, I actually opened my eyes and then got out of bed. Normally, I am dragging myself around, dazed in the morning, but here I am bright-eyed and wide awake.

I am heading into the office today around 7:30 so I have a little time to blog, and get my day started. I am looking forward to today, and I believe I will know my answer on whether or not this is the path I am to follow either today or tomorrow. I have total confidence in the Lord, and for the first time I feel really good. I mean really good. I cannot explain the way I feel, I just feel as though nothing can stop me today. I am not weak, I am not afraid, and I am very contented to be on this path.

This really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, because I have asked the Lord numerous times if I could teach High School. His answer has always been no. I asked him again if I should get my AZ teaching credential, just in case, and He said no. I put teaching anything but college out of my mind, and concentrated on applying for teaching positions at local technical, vocational, and community colleges.

Now all of a sudden things are different. The only thing I can think of is this: the state board of education has changed the requirements for candidates for credentials. The last time I looked at the requirements, I still needed my Masters ALONG with student teaching (practicum hours) and all the course work. It seemed like it would take me twice as long to be qualified to apply. Now the state is awarding what is called an Intern certificate which allows you to teach while you are enrolled in a program. I am guessing that more states are doing this now, in an effort to recruit highly qualified teachers. What this means for me is that I am now considered highly qualified simply because I have my Masters degree. Moreover, if I can get hired, then I can do my entire practicum in my own classroom (I still need some supervision). Plus with that subject level Masters, I don't have to complete all the required EDU courses. I could if I wanted a second Masters -- since I don't and I will be going for my PhD -- then it will not be necessary. I am stoked!

As of today, my path has altered to a side avenue from where I was on Friday. These things have changed:
  • Accepting Regent University as the Lord's provision for advanced studies (comment later)
  • Applying for a 9-12th grade position through a local Charter High School
  • Planning to pursue a teaching credential -- should I get hired as an English teacher
  • Planning to get a finger print clearance card (will do that regardless, just to have it)
  • Applying for an Intern Credential after clearance card once I hear back from Rio Salado College
  • Attending a Community meeting for prospective teachers where you can meet and interview with districts that are hiring new teachers
  • Considering my options for remaining at UOPX
My goal is to be offered a teaching contract for 2012-2013. I am willing to complete the required courses and practicum this year so long as it doesn't delay my getting accepted and started at Regent (May/June 2013). I am set to graduate next week, and my degree should be conferred in June. I am trusting the Lord to make sure there are no hitches in that process. So far everything looks good to go.

Lastly, as I sit here today, I am in awe of my God who provides not only what is necessary, but what is GOOD. My Lord has chosen to reward me with opportunity to do something I have wanted to do since I was in High School. I have had so many missed chances, so many bad turns, and I have made so many bad decisions over the course of the last thirty years. My Lord has chosen to bless me regardless of my work, of my hands, and of my abilities. Instead, He has chosen to bless me because of what He has done. I am in awe, I am in awe.

May God be praised today and forevermore. Amen, so be it, thy will be done.

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