May 10, 2012

Step Two

Ok, so this has been the story of my life since February. I have been walking on the hard, the rocky, and the difficult path of resisting the Lord's will for my life. In my heart, I am 100% for the Lord's will. There is no other place for me -- it is my home. It is where I belong, where I want to be, and where I am determined to stay (to rest) for all of eternity. How in the world, then, did I get on the wrong path?

Well, I believe it was simply not doing what I said I was going to do. I made a promise, and then I failed to keep it. The Lord takes us at our word. He expects us to do what we say we will do. He knows that in our humanity, we rarely will do what we say -- He forgive us -- but He doesn't let us off the hook. No, we must obey. We must do what we promise Him. It is all about building character, and we are to be like Him in all things, most especially in character.

So here I sit, blogging today, getting over some flu bug, and feeling pretty crummy. I wish I felt the way I did last week when I was pumped up, and ready to tackle bear! But, no, I am feeling awful, depressed, and worried. I am tired as well, and I want to go lay down. I am glad I am home today, yet the clock is ticking and I am blogging -- not doing my last assignments for school.

Yet, despite all of this truth, I have actually made some giant steps forward.
  • I applied to Rio Salado for teaching preparation courses
  • I applied for two teaching positions, one at South Mountain Community College, and one at Brookline College
  • I have recommitted my way through ASU's Rhetoric program
  • I have considered working part-time while doing this program
  • I have considered working two jobs to make ends meet -- just so I could do this program
I have the following tasks set before me,
  1. Write four essays (5 pages) on the selections we read in my Humanism course
  2. Study for the GRE test
  3. Apply to ASU for admissions in Fall 2013
  4. Contemplate either taking four semesters of French now or waiting and taking them at ASU
  5. Take Old English and Middle English -- and waive the language requirement
  6. Complete 14 credits of Education courses -- just to get me comfortable with teaching
  7. Prepare on my own for teaching Composition by using IEW's Intensive Writing Course C, Jensen's Grammar and Punctuation, along with the Elegant Essay (I have used the latter only)
  8. Graduate from Mercy next week (well, the 23rd)
  9. Turn in essays and a re-write of my thesis by Monday, May 14th
  10. And lastly, consider leaving UOPX at the end of May, Lord willing, and going to a new teaching position.
Some of these items are for certain, while others are potential possibilities. I will graduate from Mercy. I will turn in my assignments. I will take the Education courses next Fall and Spring; and I will enroll at ASU for fall (Lord willing). I will more than likely use the home school curriculum listed for teacher prep, and I will probably take French and attempt the Clep exam. I will more than likely just do the OE/ME sequence for grins and giggles -- because I want to do them -- or I may not, if credits get tight. Will I get a job teaching? I believe so. I hope so. I know so. When? I am unsure.

Today my faith rests in the Lord to show me the way through these items. I ask for Grace to do them all. I trust Him to provide. I look to Him for His solution and for His way. In His Name, I ask all of this because I believe in Him. I love Him and I know He loves me. So be it, Lord. So be it.

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