May 6, 2012

When His Way Triumphs

"When His Way Triumphs there is great joy in Heaven, and great blessing on Earth."

Luke 15:7 NLT says "In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven't strayed away!" Jesus was giving us a snippet or snapshot of what it is like in Heaven when one sinner turns around and accepts God's way of forgiveness. The whole of Heaven rejoices at the very moment the heart is bent towards God and receives His merciful forgiveness. In the same way, anytime we agree with God, choose to side with Him, and believe that His Word is true, then rejoicing takes place in the Heavenly realm. The blessing of peace and contentment -- JOY -- floods our souls and we understand, no -- we realize -- that God is always RIGHT (correct in His judgment and determination) and that His WAY is the only way to experience blessing and prosperity. There is no other way to enjoy the Blessings of the Lord, than to agree with Him. Our hearts must agree, we must concur, and we must let go of our own willful and stubborn attitude that says, "No, I am right." Humble submission to His Authority releases us from the penalty of living outside His will for our lives. In one fell swoop, our attitude is crushed, and we are ushered into the Living Presence of the Holy One. We are at His feet, and we know and we understand (the Word says "perceive") the truth of who He is and who we are. The chasm between God and man is revealed and we understand what a great gift we have received -- to be able to stand on the side of the Heaven-lies -- instead of the side of mankind. God be praised, we are forever more free.

Thoughts on the Matter

The time has come to put on my outer garment and take a long journey. I am moving out, moving forward on the timeline of the Lord's provision for my life. I am called to travel lightly, to take only what I need and to be ready to go now or tomorrow or whenever the Lord says for me to "go." Today is the first day of that journey, and I am making preparations. I am gathering supplies, packing my things, and making plans for where to go, and how to get to my destination. I have my map out, and I have my compass, and I am carefully studying the plans so that I don't get lost along the way. I have my camera at my side, and I am looking forward to taking pictures of all the places the Lord asks me to visit. I want to go, and I am ready to take this step of faith.

The Lord has called me to a specific path, a way of life that follows after Him, and places Him first in all things, in everything I do. I no longer think about myself, or say "But what about..." No, I only say "yes, Lord -- I am willing" and then He says to me, "go." I love the fact that all He asks of me is for me to be willing to go. I am willing to go. I am willing to try new things. I am willing to risk it all for His Name, and to be what He calls me to be. I know it is good. I know the plans He has for me are good. I can rest in His care -- for He cares for me. I am ready, Lord -- let's go!

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