May 6, 2012

When The Lord Moves -- He Really MOVES!

After I posted this afternoon, the Lord asked me to visit some websites I had bookmarked. I was uncertain why I felt Him leading me here, but I obeyed and followed His calling. As I got to each site, the Lord prompted me to make some changes -- both were schools, both were programs I had considered as necessary to help me transition into teaching. The first was TESOL. I had visited TESOL a couple weeks ago, and spent quite a lot of time browsing their pages. I had felt the Lord leading me to sign up for a summer-fall course in teaching non-native speakers English. Not a full-on SEL program, but a 130 hour curriculum designed for teachers of non-native speakers. I enrolled, but hadn't heard back if I was accepted. The second site was for Rio Salado College. I had already applied to RS to take foreign language courses in the fall, but now the Lord was asking me to drop those classes and instead read about their in-service Teacher Preparation program.

Ok, so all of this aligns with my time spent yesterday as I was considering the teaching preparation I would need should I be hired by the community college to teach developmental writing (my application is still active, but no movement on the job post yet). The Lord led me over to some curriculum, curriculum I had previously reviewed for home education. I knew that I wanted to study this curriculum and really get to know the ins and outs of teaching it. The Lord showed me that this curriculum (a combination of language arts programs made for home education, would prepare me to teach entry level college courses). I now see that it would also well-prepare me to teach high school students.

I didn't really have time to pursue much on the RS website, as we were heading over to my parents for dinner. When I got home, though, I went to our state department of education to see what I would need to do to be certified to teach 9-12 grades. I reviewed the requirements and was surprised to find out that because I hold a Masters degree in my subject area, I am considered "Highly Qualified" by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. This means that all those teaching positions I saw posted on that said "must be Highly Qualified" were actually positions open to me. I assumed that HQ meant experienced. Now some did say preferred 3-5 years teaching, but most just said must be HQ.

After studying the requirements for teaching here in AZ, I went back over to RS and began to look around again. I wondered if I would really have to take two years to complete my teacher preparation. I emailed the staff to ask their advice, and I am hopeful that the answer will be no.

In the meantime, the Lord had me apply to a charter school to teach High School English. I am not certain whether they will consider me, but I stepped out in faith and did it just the same. I am hesitant to leave my good job with UOPX, but I don't want to miss an opportunity to teach and gain experience.

So there you have it. I went from worrying about graduating today to applying to become a high school English teacher. WOW! I can hardly believe it. I am open to it, and I am willing to consider it. I am agreeing with the Lord that this is a good opportunity, and I am resting in His provision. If this is His will, so be it. I will do it, Lord. I will just do it.

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