July 3, 2012

More Changes

God must be up to something because there have been more changes taking place in my work life since my last post. The biggest change, well hoped for change, is that I received notice that I am being considered (initially) for a position at UOPX. This was surprising news to me, but good news at that. I am excited to be considered, and whether or not the position comes to pass is immaterial. I am just happy that my resume seems to be attracting interest, and that "things" seem to be looking up for me.

On the second front, I received news today of my new manager. I am going to be working for the young man who actually hired me last year. I am happy for this news, but sad to see some of my teammates get shuffled off to other parts of the building. It looks like they are downsizing healthcare, and that means that some advisors are being relocated to other groups. At least they are not being let go, just moved around, so that is a very good thing. Still it won't be the same because I will miss seeing these people every day. We have lots of laughs and we enjoy each other's company. I know that it is for the best, and that it means that we all get to keep our jobs -- so good for that news.

I am not sure when I will move to my new team. I may end up staying put, but more than likely, they will shift us around so that we can be grouped together. We sit in cubes and there is little room to move anyone, so I am thinking we many end up staying in our spot. Who knows! I have learned to let things be at UOPX. Today it is one way, tomorrow it will change!!

Lastly, I am considering options for jobs in other states. The Lord has suggested a possible move, but so far, nothing has materialized. I am confident that if I am to move, it will be for His will, and His provision will go along with it. I am considering North Carolina because my brother lives there and the cost of living is low. I would like to move some place, just to get out of the heat, but for now, I am content to remain where I am and see how the Lord intends to provide for me.

I am praying for some additional change in my life:
  • I need a new car and I would like a Nissan Xterra. My little Kia is fantastic but with almost 100K in miles, it is starting to make grumbling noises. If I am to remain at UOPX, I will need to commute, and I really need an automatic transmission (my poor knees). I am asking the Lord to provide this car to me as soon as possible.
  • I need to pass the GRE exam. I need to study for the GRE, so as soon as I can study up on Math, I will register for this test. I need a good result to be offered a scholarship at Regent University, so I am asking the Lord to provide a scholarship to me as well as to cover me with success on this important test.
  • I need extra income to help offset school costs for my son. He needs to take foreign language courses this fall/spring, and I need to pay for them. I am asking for the provision of lessons and language software/courses so he can take these classes and then study Linguistics next Fall.
Other than these items, I am good. I have everything I need, and the Lord has provided amply to supply all my needs and wants. I am content. I am at peace, and I know my God has everything for my well-being and well-fare in hand. He is good to me, and I lift up all the praise to worship His Holy Name. God is so very good to me. All the time, God is GOOD!

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