August 13, 2012

Day One

Today was a great day! My work stuff (UOPX) went well, even though I was bored most of the day. I kept busy with making some calls, and organizing my lead base. I had one so-so QC call, and then a student whom I had spoken with back in March called in to complete the online application. I got 2 hours talk time easily, and I felt much better leaving today with only 35 dials in the bucket.

I did speak with a friend of mine who has asked me to design his website. I am doing his site pro bono so that I can get back into gear and feel better about hanging out my shingle. I have a couple other jobs too, and I am finally feeling excited about the opportunity to start creating again.

I guess I finally got over my fear of failure. I guess I also realized that I really do know what I am doing, even if my skills are a bit rusty. All that knowledge is up in my noggin and it will come back to me with practice. I am really happy about this turn of events, and I am looking forward to starting my own business again.

I think I freaked out over my lack of understanding, and then I thought I needed the security of a paycheck. I tried to apply for some higher paying jobs, but nothing came of my time. I finally decided that I would not be happy any other place than right where God wants me to be, which is working from home. I am not trying to recreate my life from yesterday (in the past), no not at all. I am instead looking to the future and the promise of God to provide well for me. I am thinking that I am ready now, ready to do His work, and to accomplish His will. I don't want to be doing anything other than His work.

So today, I am once again stepping out in faith and taking the Lord at His Word to me. I am trusting Him for His promise of sufficiency and I am resting in the knowledge that with God all things are possible -- nothing is impossible for Him. I am believing in faith that this is what God wants me to do, and I am willing and agreeable to do this work now. I see that this is the only work I can do and enjoy, and that this work aligns with His will for my life. It is the kind of work I can do from home, and working from home aligns with His plans for my future. All in all, this is His Way, and I am embracing it today.

Dear Lord (Adonai),

Thank you for the opportunity to start this new business today. Thank you for your promise provision of client work. Thank you for all the tools and the money needed to purchase certain supplies. Thank you for the Grace to relearn how to do this work, and for the interest and desire to do it. Thank you, most of all, for your Power to be able to do this work well, and to be successful at it. I ask now in the Power of your NAME that you would bring me business, bring to me those individuals and companies who need my services. Build this business for your Name alone, and to bring you glory and honor. Teach me to walk with you humbly submitting to your will, and trusting you for your Grace to do everything that is asked of me. Increase my borders, Lord (Adonai), and enlarge my territory so that I can live prosperously and give generously to those who have need. I ask now Lord (Adonai) that you would do all this and more in Your Name, and for Your Praise, Honor, and Glory. Amen, So let it be. Selah!

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