August 31, 2012

Getting Ready to Move

This has been an awesome week for me! First off, I completed two rounds of interviews with CVS Caremark on Monday (grueling day -- hot outside, and a lot of behavioral questions inside). Secondly, I found out I officially graduated from Mercy College (whoo hoo!) Later, on Tuesday, I met my new manager at UOPX, and had a short 1-on-1 with him. He seems nice, but his style of management is a type that is not a good fit for my work habits. Yes, I know -- you cannot always pick your manager. This is so true, but I know at the outset that micromanagement is not my thing. I am capable of doing what needs doing, and I know how to manage my time well.

Wednesday, traditionally known as "hump day" or the middle of the week, proved to be my day. I received a call from CVS Caremark offering me the job (well, in fact both jobs I interviewed for on Monday). I had to make a decision on the group I wanted to join, but I was offered the position to begin on Monday, September 10th!

Thursday was tough -- just getting through the day -- doing the work at UOPX knowing that I would be leaving so soon. I mustered up my courage, did the job, and then checked out at 2:30 knowing that I had today off as well as Monday (Praise the Lord!)

Today, I am taking my son to the MDV to get his official license. Later, I have chamber reheresal. My day is going to be filled with going to the cleaners, doing laundry, and chilling out. I am stoked!

As I think about my week, this week in particular, I am reminded of the Graciousness of  God. I mean, I was pretty unpleasant last week, just bored, feeling desperate, and thinking that I was "stuck" in a dead-end job with no hope for rescue. Then the Mighty Hand of God swept me up, and carried me out of my despair, and placed me down in a new place, a fresh place, a place where I can hope to tarry for a long while. I am blessed, and He is so GOOD to me.

My prayer today is to rejoice in my position, and to maintain an even attitude so that regardless of my circumstances, I am neither depressed nor complaining (neither can be sustained), but rather conscious of God's Goodness, and His Faithfulness to me.

"Instead, be very glad--for these trials make you partners with Christ in his suffering, so that you will have the wonderful joy of seeing his glory when it is revealed to all the world." ~1 Peter 4:13 NLT

Yes, my goal is to be steady through these trials and to exhibit the Graciousness of Christ regardless of how long I am called to endure. I can do all things through the Blessed Risen and Exalted Christ, I know this is true. My flesh prefers to grumble and complain, while my spirit wants to proclaim His Name, and Rejoice in the Power of His Name. May it always be the latter, may it always be so!

Dear Adonai,

I thank you for this blessed opportunity to move to another company. I look forward to meeting new friends, to making new paths, and for moving in a new direction. I ask that your will be done in my life, and I agree with you on these changes. Make it your best for me -- I ask this now in the Majestic and Most Merciful Name of Jesus, the Risen and Exalted Christ -- Amen (so let it be)! Selah!!

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