August 25, 2012

Going to the River

To the river I am going bringing sins I cannot bear
Come and cleanse me, come forgive me Lord I need to meet you there

In these waters, healing mercy flows with freedom from despair
I am going, to that river Lord I need to meet you there

Precious Jesus, I am ready to surrender every care
Take my hand now, lead me closer Lord I need to meet you there

Come and join us, in the river Come find life beyond compare
He is calling, He is waiting Jesus longs to meet you there
He is calling, He is waiting Jesus longs to meet you there

Precious Jesus, I am ready to surrender every care
Take my hand now, lead me closer Lord I need to meet you there
Take my hand now, lead me closer Lord I need to meet you there

Copyright 2004. Brian Doerksen, "The River"

Transformational theology. I've been thinking a lot about this, though I didn't really know that there was an actual movement of thought associated with it. Over the past few years, I have wrestled with the intellectual ideas of God in the present space and time, and God who has been revealed historically through the Word and through human events. I have struggled with understanding how God exists throughout the dimensions and framework of our time and space, considering His Eternalness which was pre-existent.

In my own experience, I have come to meet with the personal Jesus Christ through the Power of the Holy Spirit. My life is bound-up in Christ, and I live each day following after Him, and according to the directives He gives to me. My life is a commissional one, therefore, predicated on an ever growing dependency upon the real and present life of Christ within me. How then does one come to explain this transformational presence within, while still using human forms of expression which often are lacking in the adequacy of explanation. I have failed to share with others my inner experiences, and as such, I find that I am forced to spend most of my time thinking and pondering (meditating) upon these ideas on my own.

Today, I did a little search on the Internet and was able to find out more about Transformation Theology, what it is, and what is seeks to do in the lives of believers and the church. I am unsure what the emphasis is, though I find that I share much with what the academic theologians seem to be suggesting. I know that I have experienced such transformation in my own life, and that my spiritual center has shifted from traditional Christianity to a more radical orthodoxy that sees the Risen and Exalted Christ present and living within His Church. It is more than the empowering work of the Holy Spirit (as Charismatics might view), but rather, it seems to be identified more closer with the concept of "the mystery" experienced by the Apostles. Somehow I came to know and understand the powerful presence of the Risen Christ, and that experience has transformed by willingness to follow after Him into a commissioned sense of "work."

I write often about God's command for me to "go." This commissioning is a big part of the early Church, and it appears that within God's parameters and His abiding presence in our lives, we too can be called or commissioned to go do certain work in His Name. I have viewed all of this as rather speculative at best. I believed what I felt was the Word of the Lord coming to me, but now with more greater scrutiny, realize that this is the active Christ at work.

Transformation Theologians or TT often will speak of distinctives between "thinking" and "doing." I recently read through James again, and was reminded of the fact that we are to be more than hearers of the Word. We are called to be doers of the Word. This means that we are to not just think about God and about His Word, but we are to be actively doing what God wants us to do. Christ is not passive. He is not sitting passively by in Heaven waiting for the end of days to come. No, He is actively working through the individual heart and minds of His Church, transforming those who are willing and agreeable to His Power. Yes, you can be renewed. Yes, you can be transformed. Not once at the time of conversion, not when you need a refreshing -- no, but every day, in every way through the abiding presence of the Risen and Exalted Christ in your life.

I have come to regard this experience, this daily transformation as "normal" and not as some supernatural expression that is surrounded by an act of worship. Rather, this "normal" is part and parcel with the abiding presence of Christ, and the Power of His Name as it is revealed in my life each day.

Today, I am ready to go because the active and very present Christ bids me to go. Today, I can accomplish set tasks because the active and very present Christ is ready to accomplish these tasks. It is not "I" who do them, it is "Christ in me" who does everything. It is not about "me," but rather it is about Him doing what He does, in His way, to accomplish His purpose and plan in and through my life.

I rest. I let go. I let Him be in my life this day.

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