August 28, 2012

It's Official!

Finally -- there is a degree conferred date on my transcript from Mercy College! Praise be to God, who is the Father of all things! How I thank Him this day, and praise Him for His wonderful Mercy and Grace!

I have been waiting for my conferral date since I graduated in May. I passed my comprehensive exam in June, and because I was late on the exam, my actual degree conferral was pushed out until the end of summer. I am a post-graduate student now, and I am so very blessed! God is so very good to me!!

On other news, I completed an intensive round of interviews yesterday at CVS Caremark. I met with two groups regarding a position as a Communications Analyst. The role is something I am interested in and would align well with my skills. The company has two positions open, one in each group (similar but different due to the focus of each group). I think I would be happy in either group, it is just a matter of whether they liked me more than the other candidates they interviewed. I believe they interviewed at least five other candidates, so I know I am in the running, but not certain if they liked me enough to pursue me for hiring. Oh well...

I am beat today, though, and I would really like to stay home. I took yesterday off because I am scheduled to work Saturday. I am planning on taking off Friday as well, so that I can take my son to the MVD to get his official license (another Praise to God for His Provision of driver's training and passing the exam!) I would like to stay home today, but feel the need to drive into work to see what is what. I received a text from one of my co-workers letting me know that we have a new manager now. I had speculated that this would be the person they were bringing up, even though there were other rumors afloat that the person would come up from another division. This man has been with the company for years, and I am sure he is a nice guy. His reputation is that he is a micro-manager, which is pretty much the normal for UOPX. I have had two laid-back, low-key managers and one micro-manager. I really don't want to stay under another. However, until something else comes to pass, so be it. I will do my best, be pleasant and keep my head down and do the work I need to do. Praise be to God for His Provision of other job opportunities.

So as I sit here, looking at the clock and thinking that I will not make it to work by 7 (it is 6:20 and I am not even dressed), I need to make a decision. Do I stay or do I go? What do I do next?

My mind is racing and it is full of a jumble of thoughts. I don't want to leave my team at UOPX, even if it is fragmented with 2/3rds going to other groups. I have had some really good laughs and I have enjoyed the camaraderie. I don't like change, well this kind, anyway. I handle change at work every day, but moving from company to company, starting over, learning new ropes, etc. -- this is the kind of change I really do not enjoy.

I am ready to go, though. I am ready for a new way of doing things, new tasks, and a new opportunity. I am ready to learn new things. I really don't like good-byes, but thank God, should this opportunity come to pass, I can work a short notice before moving on. God is so very good to me.

Lastly, and then it is time to move -- I am thinking more and more about my future and the plans the Lord has for me. The other day, the Lord said that He had made up His mind about the way I am to go. I know what this means -- I am always to go His way, of course -- but in this instance, I think it was more about the path I am to take (as in walking along). I am on a specific path right now, and like a trail in a forest, often there are offshoots that take you in different directions. Sometimes these paths go nowhere. They dead end. Other times, they take you by a more scenic route or they cut time off your journey. Most times they move you forward but bypass obstacles or are a smoother, easier trail to follow (not always, sometimes they are more difficult to traverse). We walk on a path towards our Heavenly destination. We all are on a path, and we are moving forward towards our end goal -- eternal salvation and Kingdom glory. We come to forks, and streams, and often we have to make a choice about which way to go, or how to go over/under some obstacle in our way. These choices determine where we end up in this life. Some choices are for good, some for worse. The choice often is not really what matters, it is more so the way the path leads us onward. We need to survey the scene and make a decision on which way to go simply so that we keep ourselves moving forward.

Life is an unexpected journey. We have to keep moving forward and we don't always know what lays ahead of us. However, God's Grace provides coverage to us, and enables us to walk on without any fear. So while I am apprehensive about leaving one job for another, I know that it is just a different path I will take to get me to my end -- to the place where My Lord waits for me. He is with me, of course. I am not alone, but I also know that the physical presence of the Lord is standing there at the entrance of Heaven waiting to usher me in. I look to that day, to run to Him, and to know I have made it safely into His Loving and Caring arms. For now, though, I must walk on. I press on, and I take a new path that will lead me down a different way. Perhaps it will be easier for me, perhaps it will grow me. Perhaps it will strengthen me, and give me new perspective in life. Mostly, I am hopeful that it will be easier for me, a little that is, so that I can rest more, and be more refreshed. If not, then I press on until the next fork comes my way, and then I will to take another path. I rest today knowing that no matter where I am or where I go, the Lord is with me. He covers me, He cares for me, and I am able to rest in His Merciful and Gracious care today.

Blessed is the Name of the Lord, my ROCK and my REFUGE. May His Holy NAME be Praised today and forever more. Amen (so be it!)

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