August 3, 2012

Making Progress

After updating my blog for the umpteenth time, I headed out to Target. I needed to get a dessert to take to Chamber today. I am sad because Betsy Morrow, one of our high school students, is leaving to go away to college. I have played in Chamber with Betsy for two years, and she is such a fine violinist. Although I am really happy for her -- hey -- she needs to go to school and find her passion and develop her love for God (which she is doing, happily!) -- I will still miss her every Friday afternoon. She is always so cheerful and happy -- a real joy to know.

So I went to Target, and I came home with a new desk chair. I bought the cheap one, only $20, and I am not sure if I like it. I am used to a nice chair at UOPX, but my old wooden chair was given my backside an ache, so we will see if this works out better. At the least, I am at a better height and also my feet are flat on the floor (a good thing for posture).

Well, that is all for now -- I need some lunch, and then will have to get to work (love it -- work!)

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