August 23, 2012

What's Up, Pussycat?

Ok, showing my age right now (my mind is thinking Tom Jones -- what a hunny bunny he was -- well back when I was 10 anyway!)

Today has been incredibly stressful for me. First off, there is something afoot a work. It has been playing itself out for about a month now, coinciding with my former manager's departure, and the lack of a replacement forthcoming. There have been murmur rings of lay offs, of course, and there have been some involuntary departures this week (and last). Mostly, just a slow trickle -- with a cautionary word reminding everyone to "keep busy."

On Wednesday, the "move list" came out. My name was absent, as was my coworker (who sits behind me). There were about 30 moves listed, and while not everyone is getting shifted about, it was an obvious slight to have the two of us left off this list. We are sitting in "no man's land" along with three members who are moving to the other end of the building, and two members moving across to a new group, and two members staying put (near their group). There is me, my seat mate, and my other team member who sits down the lane (about 4 cubes up). The latter was on the list, and will be moving to "our team" about 4 aisles over. The word is "don't worry," but the fact that everyone has been placed except for the two of us is very, very disconcerting. Furthermore, one of my new team members is getting shifted for no apparent reason, and she took the bold step to ask our Director for input. The word came back "it is what it is." Moreover, when our names were mention to her, questioning the shifting that took place, and our being left off, without any real explanation or even a calming word -- left us feeling all the more anxious about our longevity with this company.

I asked my seat-mate his feelings on the matter. He has been with the company for two years, but was with the subsidiary for two years before. He has been in and out of it, and his feelings are that the tidings are not boding well for us. I agree, even though, I am assured by the Lord that everything will be OK. Yes, and whom shall I fear? No one. The Lord's WORD is truth (John 17:17b), and I am choosing to trust Him over any human speculation.

I will be OK should I get let go. I am happy that my team member (the third one) has a safe job. She is a single Mom and needs this job. I am well-educated, and I have lots of opportunities -- plus I happen to know ADONAI personally, so I am in good stead. Still, I don't want to go to work tomorrow and hear those words, "Sorry, but we have to let you go."

On the good side, I am ready to go. I have had two successful interviews this week. I passed a screening for a job as an Adjunct Faculty. However, the position started on Monday, and was only for 1 month. I didn't feel right about it, not yet, any way, so I let it pass.

I had a screening call today for a position I feel is better suited to my skills, and I go on Monday for two interviews with Hiring Managers. I am hopeful that this is the next place for me (more on this later).

In all, I am in a very good place today. I am content to be where I am, and I am happy that the plans the Lord has for my life are coming to pass. I don't know what news tomorrow will bring, but I do know that ADONAI will be there with me, and HE is all I need.


I ask in your GOOD NAME that you provide the next job to me. I am open to doing any such work as you see fit to bring to me, and I am ready to leave UOPX for this opportunity. Provide what I need, and I will go. I ask this now in YOUR NAME, Amen. So be it, thy will be done! Selah (Pause and calmly think about that!)

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