September 29, 2012

Job Update

As of yesterday, I finished my first two weeks at my new job as an Analyst for CVS Caremark. So far so good! I was a little unsettled to start, but now, think that it was more about nerves and being in a new situation. Also, having my stress level ramped up for over 15 months, I think I needed some time to decompress and relax. Moreover, part of me was hoping that this job was "IT!" [Yes, I am still looking for the "perfect job."] This is something that I have to stop doing because the Lord has clearly told me that the only perfect job is the one I do for Him. In short, my work/my ministry is my perfect job. No other earthly job will fill that spot, and no other career choice will meet my soul-needs, and satisfy my inner desire to be successful and prosperous in a Kingdom way. I know this, yet, part of me keeps hoping that the job I do will provide satisfaction to me.

I am not totally off the mark here because the Lord has provided a very good job to me. He has provided work that is practical and that fits my lifestyle. It is a good job, with good pay and benefits. It also is close to home, and offers opportunity for growth. Is it a perfect fit? No. It is good. I like it, and I like my team, and I can see myself being happy in the work once I am fully settled, fully decompressed, and fully ready to concentrate on His work again.

His work is pretty clear to me:
  • I am to finish applying to Regent University
  • I am to go there and study Communication
  • I am to work on learning French and German
  • I am to continue my cello studies
  • I am to continue to support my son as he matures to an adult
  • I am to help him with school so he can accomplish the plans the Lord has for him
  • I am to continue to love and support my parents (helping them as I am able to do so)
  • I am to focus on these things above all else, and trust that the job will provide enough for me to live comfortably and well
So really nothing has changed for me -- EXCEPT -- for the job. I left UOPX and some very good friends for a new job in a new location. I am in a better environment, and I have better opportunities in my new company. I am making more money, and I have a good flexible schedule. Plus I have a really cool office and I am in a very nice building (location as well as interior space -- good lighting, good vibes). Overall, God has provided a very good job to me. I am blessed, I am thankful, and I lift up a sacrifice of Praise to the One who rules over every area of my life! God is so very GOOD to me!

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