September 3, 2012

Lack of Peace

Oh my, do I have a significant lack of peace right now. I am not sure what is going on, but I am really struggling to figure out why I feel the way I do. I know that I am nervous about this coming week, and that I am not looking forward to telling my new boss that I will be leaving on Friday. I am not sure what to expect, whether I will have to work out a notice or whether they will let me go as soon as I give my notice. It is the uncertainty that really bothers me most, but it is also the feeling that I am being oppressed, and for the reason why, I am baffled.

Oh Lord, why am I being oppressed today? I have felt this oppression the past couple days, and I am not sure what I have done (if anything) or if it is an outside influence that has caused this trouble. Help me now to understand what it is, and why I am being targeted this way today?

Give Thanks

I know that whenever I am oppressed, typically it is due to unconfessed sin on my part. On some occasions, it is an outside influence, a person or some other thing that has tied itself to me, and caused the oppression to take place. I know that if it is something I have done, then I have to confess my sins and make sure that I have humbled myself before the Lord. If it is the result of someone else or some thing, then I must stand with my shield of faith lifted up, and holding firmly to the mighty Sword of the Spirt. The WORD says that these two things will vanquish the enemy and will quench the fiery darts that have been aimed my way.

If I give thanks to the Lord, praise Him for His Goodness toward me, then the enemy flees. I am to give the Lord thanks always, and especially during times of trial and uncertainty. Therefore, I give the Lord thanks now for:

  • My new job at CVS Caremark
  • My last week of work at the University of Phoenix
  • More income, and the opportunity for greater career choices
  • A steady place of employment where I can learn a new job, develop new skills and abilities
  • Make more friends in my new workplace
  • Have a shorter commute to work each day
  • Gain more time off -- thanks to personal time
  • Work a flex shift with hours that fit my family needs
I am grateful for these things as well as the many other blessings the Lord has brought into my life this past week. I know that the plans the Lord has for me are very GOOD, and I know that my life is secure and safe, and that His FAVOR and BLESSING rest upon me. I am good, and I am favored. My hand will find success in all that I do, and through the Risen and Exalted Christ, I can do everything the Lord has asked me to do. It is in His Precious and Majestic Name that I pray now, Amen (so let it be). Selah!

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