September 17, 2012

My Lord is GREAT!

Today was my first day at my new job as an Analyst at CVS Caremark in Scottsdale. I have to say that I had a GREAT day, and while I am a bit overwhelmed with all the new information, I feel really good about my future with this company. I am so blessed, and so relieved, and I know that God is to receive all the Glory, all the Praise, and all the Honor! He is Worthy, and I give Him my all -- Amen, so be it.

My day started off with a smile -- I received two text messages (back to back) from my former team mates (a third came in later in the am). Both were wishing me well, and saying how much they miss me this morning (I miss them too!) It was so nice to get that little bit of encouragement because it helped cement my attitude for the entire day.

After check in, I had a three-hour orientation at the main office in Scottsdale. I got my badge, and a tour of the facility. Nice big building -- lots of cubbies. Around noon, I drove over to my assigned building. My new supervisor met me, and gave me a tour of the building. This building is nicer, IMO, than the other one, and it has less cubbies, and a more intimate feel. My new team decorated my desk with streamers and balloons and warmly welcomed me to the company. Later, I was taken to lunch by a team member and we had a nice conversation. Overall, I am so excited to be in this role, and to have this opportunity to work for this company.

I like my cube, and I even get a laptop (cool beans!) I am so jazzed about what is waiting for me once I get settled into my new role. I cannot wait to know this job well!

I got to leave early today -- oh yes -- and my normal work hours are 7-3:30 (PTL!) But wait, there is more -- I get to work from home one day a week. Ok, I think I died and went to heaven already. I went from working under incredible stress and time constraints (logging in/out to pee or get a drink) to ADULT work where I can come and go as I please, and to where I can be treated with respect and with the understanding that I am valued.

So today was a huge SUCCESS! Granted -- I am back to working 7-3:30, and that means I am up at 5:30 every am. The good side is that my commute is about 10-15 minutes, so really I don't have to leave until 6:30 every day. Then, on Friday's, I get to stay home (PTL!) and with my flex time this means that I can be here, do my work, and not have to worry about rushing home to get to chamber group.

Benefits are sweet, even though I have to wait 90 days for them, and generally speaking, I think the company culture is going to be a good fit for me. God has truly blessed me with a winning job, and a new and exciting future. I cannot think of what could be better than that combo. The Lord is GREAT and I Magnify His Name!

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