October 3, 2012

I think I Can Finally See the Way Out

It is Wednesday, good ol' humpday. I wish I could say that the past two weeks have been super awesome and spectacular? But...in truth, that would be a lie. The past two weeks, three really, since I started my new job as an Analyst at CVS Caremark, have been rough. It wasn't so much the job itself, no -- I think it was more about me decompressing from the previous fifteen months at University of Phoenix -- and -- learning a new job, new field, new industry, etc. The combination about did me in. I am happy to report that today was good, and that today I had a small breakthrough of sorts! In short -- I finally see the way through this transition and see the "end" of the upheaval right through the last bit of twisty and turvey terrain.

Yes! I am praising God for His Goodness, and for His Faithfulness to me. I haven't been very faithful to Him, and yes, I have been rather grumpy and whiny the last couple weeks. It was mostly FEAR speaking loudly -- really -- when it came down to it. I was afraid of the new job working out. I was afraid of the lag in pay. I was afraid of everything crashing down on me, and of me having taking on a job that SEEMED too big for me to handle.

In reality, everything has been just fine. Yes, there has been plenty of training. The training has been difficult -- not as neat and organized or as thorough as what I experienced at UOPX. I did a lot of guessing, and a lot of just "hoping I would get it right in the end" type of learning. It worked out OK, and now I feel more confident that I can actually do this job. I think the fear of doing a good job was also at issue with me. I was worried about the process, and I was worried about not really knowing the job well enough to handle the "Welcome Season" (open enrollment for employer's to offer benefits to their members). I felt sure I would be overwhelmed, and the thought of not being able to keep up, to do a good job, etc., weighed down on me.

Today was not the best day overall. I didn't feel well, and my monthly cycle really kicked into high gear. I was miserable all day, but through the miserableness -- something happened to me. I realized that I could do this job. I realized that now that I understand the process a little better, I can see how to do this job. Before today, it was this mysterious process, and I was only being shown little bits and pieces. I couldn't see how the entire puzzle fit together. Today, however, after spending time with my training/Mentor working on several cases (similar), the pieces seemed to fit together. I don't have everything yet, but I feel that at least I get this part of the process. At least I can see how it works, and I know that this part is integral to the whole.

In thinking this through, I understand now that my job has two parts, well -- three -- if you count what I was doing today. I will be handling new client implementations (set for starting January 1). This is the big part of my job, and the part that will consume most of my time from now through January 15. I will also be researching problems and resolving print issues (ex. a member didn't get their card, even after it was ordered). This is what I did today, and it was pretty easy to do. Last, I will be working with existing clients on updates to their plans, and then providing new materials to them. For now, my role will consist of the first two since I don't have any existing clients.

I get the job better now, and it makes sense to me. I am also learning how to use the various systems to input data, submit data, send items to the print vendor, etc. This has been the "slow" part of training. I have spent a lot of time updating data, but not really doing anything with it. Now, I see how that part works as well, and I am feeling ready to tackle bigger projects.

Tomorrow, I have formal training with one of the system vendors. This training will help me do my job, and hopefully, will enable me to start working with new clients. I am excited to finally be in training!!

Next week, I will have additional training on the new print vendor software. Once I feel comfortable with their server system, then I should be able to do my job on my own.

I have decided that I need to create a manual on how to do my job. I wasn't given a manual, and I am a manual user. I also need to document steps for each of the aspects of my job: New Implementations, Existing Clients, and ID Card Inquiries. I also need to create some template emails like what I used at UOPX. They were standard thank you emails, but I could reuse the verbiage over and over again and feel comfortable with what I was saying to students. I will do the same with my new job, so that my internal emails follow a nice scripted "thank you message."

So that is my update for today. I am glad to be mid-week and surviving this new job. I am happy to think that Friday is my first pay-day, and that once I get that check, my money worries will be set aside. I am really low on funds this week, and with my rent check pending, it leaves little extra should anything come up. Once I can deposit my check, then I will sigh a sigh of relief, and know that I am OK, and set as far as income/pay. God is so very good to provide steady income to me. He knows me so well, and He knows that I freak out whenever my bank account gets really low. He has me covered -- I can rest in His sufficiency. I am trusting in Him, and I am glad that He is my FINANCIAL MANAGER!

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