October 21, 2012

It's Saturday!

What a great day today! I feel good, PTL! I am ready for a restful, yet productive weekend. I am having breakfast with a friend from my old company, and then later tonight, taking my parents to dinner to celebrate my birthday (and my Dad's). Overall, my weekend plans are GREAT!

My week started off well, even though I had a difficult client situation to deal with Monday-Thursday. I got in a lot of practice, and I was able to handle my own area well. In all -- I am pleased with how well things are going for me at my job.

On Thursday (my birthday), my new team decorated my cubical at work, and they ordered in a lunch from Quiznos. I took a couple shots of my office area -- not sure if that was OK -- but oh well. My colleagues are into decorating (as am I), and this was so nice of them to make me feel warm and welcome!

Thursday evening, we had a strings only practice. I am so thankful for these kinds of practice sessions. I love having my son play piano, but truthfully, we (the strings ensemble) need to work on our parts without the piano.

Friday was a slow day at work, but it was good to have the extra time to catch up on emails from earlier in the week. Later, I had my cello lesson. I am learning to play Holtz' Jupiter Chorale for our winter recital. My teacher would like me to learn a Concerto by Vivaldi, but I am not certain whether I can play it well enough by December.

Saturday, I had bagels and coffee with a friend from UOPX. Later, I did some shopping and came home with a new printer from Target. In the evening, me and my son, my nephew Jay, took my parents to dinner at Black Angus to celebrate the October Birthdays (me, Dad and Jay). I snapped this picture of my parents after we got back to my house for pie/coffee.

Mom and Dad look good! I surprised my dad with a new router, knowing that it would solve their Netflix streaming issues. I have gotten them hooked on Netflix, and lately their blue-ray player has been freezing up during the video stream. Dad already got a new modem from Cox, so the only other thing they needed was a new router (faster downloads, and built for streaming video). Mom called this morning to say that the router worked perfectly, and that it not only fixed the freezing problem, but it also made the application load faster, look better (not too sure on that one -- but perhaps the faster download does help with the video appearance). Anyway, they are happy campers now, and I am glad that I was able to bless them with a new router (God is so very good to me!)

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