October 13, 2012

Reflecting on the Past Couple Weeks

It is October 13th, and it has been four weeks since I started in my new position as an Analyst at CVS Caremark. I feel confident that I am in a very good position, and that the next year will prove to be a good start for my new career in Strategic Communications. My hope is to continue in my position through the next year, and then move into a role that will suit my higher education and my goals for my career (retirement mostly).

As I consider the past couple weeks, one thing stands out, and that is God's faithful and attentive presence in my life. He has made sure that I had everything I needed, that I was confident in my choice of company, and that I had enough positive feedback to help me see that this job is a good fit for my skills and abilities.

Yes, I got frustrated early on. I was frustrated over the training, and the inconsistent work load. I understand, however, that this is the beginning of the busy season in my company, and as such, my teammates are starting to get overwhelmed with work. They don't always have the time to go to meetings, help with training, etc. My team has been fantastic, and very supportive -- so while I was a little frustrated over the slowness -- I was pleased with their generosity and willingness to help train me.

Now that I am beginning to catch on to the actual details of my job, I see that I can make what I want from this position. For example, I am able to do the basic details, the daily tasks and go home each night with the feeling of accomplishing all my work. Or, I can go a little further, build relationships, and reach across the aisles to help other people in other groups. In doing so, I will form friendships, and then be able to utilize those relationships to move my career forward. This requires strategic agility -- something I have a gift for, so I have already started doing that and working on building bridges.

With a little more effort than what is expected, I can excel in my position and I can move myself into a role that will offer me more challenge, more excitement and more growth opportunity. I am excited to think where I might be in a year or two. God is so very good to me.

Now that I feel settled in my job, I am ready to start planning some new purchases. I am not sure of the Lord's timing on them, but I feel good about planning them out. First off, I need to get a newer car. I am currently looking at new/used Kia Souls. I like these cars, and I have been really pleased with my Kia Rio. I need to stay within 15K, and I do plan to finance the car purchase, so my monthly pay can only be about $250.

Secondly, at some point, I am going to have to purchase a second vehicle (one for me and one for my son). I am thinking of getting a Kia Sorento, which is a bigger SUV. It still gets good cash mileage, and the price (used) is within my budget.

My goal is to have a new car by the end of the year. My little Kia Rio has almost 100K miles, and it is starting to really show it's wear and tear. I am taking it in for a checkup this morning, and hopefully, will come home with new brakes, and topped off fluids. I am so praying that there is nothing major wrong with the car (I just don't have the cash to pay for expensive repairs). I am planning on trading it in, but I have to be in a good position financially to do that with confidence. My timeline on a purchase is November-December (Lord willing, and Lord providing of course). God is so very good -- and He knows my needs. I am trusting Him to provide a newer car to me, and to take care of this so vital need.

Lastly, I am in the process of preparing for my GRE test. I bit the bullet and registered for the GRE on November 10th. I need to do some prepping, especially in Math, but again, I am confident that this will not be a big issue for me. I need to write a short (750 word) essay on communication, and then submit my scores to Regent. After that, it will be up to the Lord to open that door, and to provide acceptance to school, and a scholarship to attend graduate studies. God is so very good to me.

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