November 9, 2012

The Days Are Flying By For Me

It is November 9, 2012 -- I cannot believe that the second week of the eleventh month is almost completed. Wasn't it just August? Oh my, and now, Christmas is around the corner, and the end of another year has passsed by. I know the days go by at the same God-given speed, but this year has seemed to fly by faster than I can recall. My Dad, who is 79, tells me that the older you get, the more the years seem to go by or at the least, the more you seem to notice them. I think he may be correct -- I certainly do feel that way this year (my Jubilee!)

I am finally over an upper respiratory virus/severe allergy attack. I was ill for about a week and half, with the past couple days being the worst yet. I woke up this morning feeling stronger, with a little more energy, and less of that "I am sick and do not want to get out of bed" morose attitude that I have suffered with the last few days. My head is clear, hurrah! My throat doesn't hurt, and I think I can get myself into work, and back to the business at hand.

The business at hand includes taking the GRE test tomorrow morning. I have had to let this go, to let the Lord have the test, the test results, and everything related to it. I am not a test taker, and I do not do well on these kinds of exams. I miss the easiest questions, and I find myself second-guessing all the time. In fact, I would say that my strength is in my ability to write essays, and to discuss verbally. I don't know how much emphasis Regent University places on this exam. The Lord has told me not to worry about it, and when He says "do not worry," usually that means to let it go, and let it be. I have done my best to prepare, and that means not really doing anything at all. I wanted to prepare, and I asked the Lord to prepare. We made plans to prepare, but life intervened, and when it came down to it, I needed the money I would have spent on exam prep materials for life/necessities. The exam was costly enough, so I turned it over to the Lord, and I have let it go.

I will go tomorrow, and I will let the Lord take this test through me. I will relax, and let Him guide me through the exam, and then I will be done. The Lord has asked me to apply to Regent University. He has guided me through the entire process, from beginning to end, and I am trusting Him for this piece of the puzzle as well. He knows me well, and He knows that I do not like these sorts of tests, and that I am not a math person. I struggle with math, and while I can do business math, I am not in a position whereby I have to do financial calculations. I simply am not that kind of person.

I have been created to communicate God's Word through encouragement and the building up of the body. My role is to reach individuals and to help them see the value in studying God's Word, and to learn to trust in it. My entire life has been about one thing, and that one thing has been to encourage Christian's to grow up in Christ. This is all I know, and it is what I have spent the majority of my life doing -- being a builder of people -- and helping them understand just how amazing God is, and just how marvelous His Grace is to us.

Going to Regent is all about communication study. It is what I am to learn next, and it will help me help the body of Christ in my mission (His mission) to counteract the communication style of the enemy. I am to learn the history of communication, and to study the effects of communication style on global mission and outreach.

This is a new field for me. My background is in Humanities and English, so studying Communication will be different, and will stretch me. I am ready, though, if a little apprehensive about the program itself, and courses, and the time commitment. I know God is prepared to do this task, and He walks beside me daily - so together we will attend Regent University, and together we will accomplish this graduate education.

The plans for my life have altered slightly, and I am beginning to see the narrowing of choices. Since starting my job at CVS Caremark, I have come to see new opportunities, and to experience a sharpening of my focus and vision. I see the kind of work that suits me, and I see myself being content in what I am doing (PTL!) I am also seeing a place where I can develop skills and where I can be used to help my company succeed in it's business niche. I see gaps and places where I can fit my abilities in, and with the right motivation, and key people behind me, I can move up here.

There are options that include moving to IL and to RI. I had not considered RI, though I had looked at MA and some other New England states a number of years ago. There are corporate jobs in RI, and these would pay greater salary due to their close proximity to Boston and NYC. The Lord has placed this on my mind as a point of consideration. I am open to going wherever He leads me. He is the One to plant me, and He is the One who says "go here or there." I am ready to go, and I know that wherever the Lord leads, I will prosper.

My life is good. As I consider the days, I realize just how much I rely upon the Lord for my strength. Being sick the past couple days, and feeling so unwell, has also helped to remind me that it is the Lord who performs through me. I cannot do it. I cannot do it at all.

Dear Lord,

I rest in the sufficiency of your Great Name. I trust you this morning, and I pray for good success today as I muddle through my work and plan for the weekend. I rest in your Grace, and I live in your Mercy. I know you are God, and I know that the plans you have for my life are Good. May your Name be Praised today and Forever more. Amen, so let it be. Selah! (Pause and calmly think about that!)

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